What to wear with boots in the winter?

Boots – an indispensable attribute of winter wardrobe! I think all girls tend to have more boots in different models and colors! And what to wear with boots in the winter, so they are harmoniously combined with the outerwear and accessories, will tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

How to combine the color of the boots and clothing?

Boots is a pretty catchy element to any outfit, so you should pay attention to the selection color.

  • Black boots can be worn with any clothes, no contraindications. But if you set a goal to create an image in soft, muted palette, the black is just inappropriate. For example, black boots misplaced with sand-colored coat or brown coat. Bag gloves and black boots can be any colors.
  • What to wear with white boots in the winter? With bright outerwear, jackets and coats clean pastel shades. Interesting experiment – white boots and a black coat, complemented by a voluminous white scarf. But if you wear beige or brown things difficult, noble texture (for example, a fur coat, suede jacket, sheepskin), from the snow-white boots better to refuse or boots will look “cheap”, or the color of the clothes will be visually “dirty”.

  • Beige boots – what to wear in the winter? Beige or “top” (but then there should be a matching shade tone-on-tone) or color. Beige suede boots – great for winter dresses.
  • What to wear with red boots in the winter? Red leather boots – capricious thing. First, they require a continuation of the “red theme” in the image – if the fur is the same hue, or interspersed with, if leather or suede (for the purse or gloves) – perfectly matching colors, etc. But red boots are perfect for blue and blue jeans as well as coats and jackets of dark colors (except black and gray). It is not necessary to wear red boots with a black coat or a fur coat, they can not be combined with clothes warm pastel shades.
  • What to wear with brown boots in the winter? With brown, beige, sand, green, Burgundy, red, yellow, and blue things. Be careful combining dark brown shoes and beige clothes – sometimes it’s an incompatible set.

What to wear with high boots in the winter?

High boots is shoes under short dresses, skirts and shorts, skinny jeans and thick winter leggings.
From the top of winter clothing with high boots look good long coats worn over short dresses.

The opposite option – shod in high boots-thigh boots and wearing a short jacket or coat. You can wear high boots with a coat (and it does not matter if the edge of the tops will hide behind the hem of the coat).

High boots look great bulky bags, so this is a great option for those who like to wear stylish “trunks”.

Cool set – boots, pants, coat with ¾ sleeves and long gloves.

What to wear with low boots?

Boots with short tops can be worn under jeans, winter leggings, skinny pants. These things good surround sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies. But the skirts should be careful – because the low boots and so visually shorten the legs, and the skirt can further Rob you of inches of growth (but to add the width of the shins and ankles).

Outerwear under short boots: parks, deflate, coats and jackets.

Without boots in winter – just anywhere! Now you know how to wear them correctly!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with boots in the winter?

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