What to wear with boots-pipe?

“Pipe” — the name given to the model of boots with a wide, straight shaft, without constriction on the ankles. Classic tall “pipes” to the knee. They are flat shoes and heels, and different variations of platforms and tankettes. What to wear with boots-tubes, talk women’s website sympaty.net.

To fit boots in tube?

This model of boots differs in that it visually makes tibia wider. What type of shape it looks good, and what – not?

Let’s start with the “contraindications”.

Full feet – one of them, because the “pipe” will do calf is visually better.

Very skinny legs with narrow hips and a “boyish” figure type also won look in boots tubes, because there is a dissonance wide legs with skinny knees and the upper part of the legs.

However, for girls-“trostinec” boots pipes can be a good option if wearing short puffy skirt, a-line skirt or skirt-“bell” to the knee – then the legs will look not so skinny.

But the figure of the “hourglass” or “pear” (wide hips), with relatively slender legs, boots-tubes – that is necessary! They shift the emphasis from heavy thighs!

Also this model of boots is good with a slim athletic figure and medium fullness feet.

How important is growth in the selection of these boots?

Visually the “pipe” (especially with heels or wedges) lengthen the leg and add height, so that they can advise low girls. However, with a small growth and fullness of these boots can add unnecessary inches High… also feel free to wear them, no disharmony in this will not, unless the girl specifically wants to look shorter and avoids the “pushing” things.

How to wear boots-pipe?

So, from what to wear boots-pipe?

Initially, this Shoe was conceived as somewhat brutal, deliberately rude (in contrast to the sleek, formfitting women’s treads and boots). Therefore they are well suited to images of punk and rock styles (and “soft” variations of these directions).

But you can wear the “tube” and the usual urban casual, elegant and even classic things.

Boots-tube wear either knee length skirt or with sleek skinny jeans, leggings. No wide-leg pants to them will not go. Of course, trousers fill in boots.

As for skirts, the recommendation from the website sympaty.net – to wear with boots, tubes mini skirt.

Any mini of the style that suits you will be good with this model of boots. And in the cold season to the mix, you can add opaque tights, even colored (the “heavier” material of the skirt, the tighter can be the tights).

In addition to short skirts, is quite original may look the pencil to the middle of the knee (but not at the butt with boots, and certainly not longer than the edges of the tops!).

In General skirt length 5-10 cm from the top of the boot allows maximum variety of styles, from direct to multi-layered lush.

Not a very good option only the year (formfitting at the hips and with the wedges at the bottom) – this model requires tight-fitting boots or shoes, without the shaft. By itself, does not make sense to put the “pipe” with a Maxi – they are just not visible. MIDI length, in principle, not excluded – if the skirt is sufficiently wide (e.g. “Tulip”).

What else to wear boots-pipe? With short dresses! Knitted, woolen, and knitted.

An interesting variant of the – knitted dress, cardigan over it, thick tights and boots-pipe. Slim girls can try to wear these boots with a short dress flared.

Boots-tube require careful selection of the bags.

If the bag gets under the shoes of the same material and the same color, then pay attention to volumetric bags and totes-portfolios. Informal way instead of a bag may be the backpack.

Clutches and other small handbags model can exist in the same way with the “pipes”, but it is better not to combine them with each other, and, for example, with gloves, a scarf, a hat…

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with boots-pipe?

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