What to wear with boots without a heel?

Boots without a heel, of course, a must-have, especially in the winter ice or in the rainy season, when the heel makes it difficult to walk. But not with any clothes these boots would be appropriate and good.

What to wear with boots without a heel – will tell women’s website sympaty.net.

What to wear with high boots without a heel?

The lack of a heel visually shorten the leg. But the tall shaft solves this problem, so wearing these boots can even low girls usually prefer shoes with heels.

What you can wear boots with high ankle boot with flat soles or minimal flat heels?

  • With narrow trousers, jeans, leggings.
  • With a short skirt of any silhouette.
  • With a full skirt to the knee or MIDI.

You can wear high boots without a heel with the dress, but there are some nuances. If the tops of the boots are wide, these boots will be combined with tight dresses. Length dresses Maxi and MIDI will not go to high boots in General, choose from a selection of dresses length knee-length and above.

If the boots are very high, covering the knee (i.e. boots), then they will only fit mini dresses. Between the dress hem and the top of the shaft should be at least 5-10 cm distance.

Good combinations of high boots:

  • Sweater dress (with skinny jeans or leggings)
  • Trapeze dress
  • Not directly fitting dress.
  • Short fitted dress.

As outerwear such boots will fit any jackets, down jackets, deflate, trench coats, parkas, etc. a More feminine way – with a fitted coat knee-length. But with coats and coats, high boots without a heel are combined very well.

What to wear with short boots without a heel?

Short boots without a heel (not to be confused with ankle boots – they’ve no tops, and low boots they are still there!) is a tricky subject. They visually make the legs shorter and fatter.

If this is your problem, then discard this model autumn and winter shoes.

What to wear with short boots without a heel?

If the pants – only the skinny (fitting), if jeans only narrow. From the terrible post-Soviet ways to wear short boots, hiding them under pant legs classic straight women’s trousers, you should immediately wean (although I hope that among the readers sympaty.net and so no Amateur of such combinations).

The owner of slender legs can wear such boots with a skirt – but not for Maxi and certainly not a “pencil”!

True looks like a combination of short boots, thick leggings and long sweater (or knit dresses).

What to wear with boots without heels: color combinations

And finally – a quick guide with compatibility color boots and clothing.

  • Black boots theoretically suitable to clothes of any color, but should show good taste and, if necessary, to abandon the black boots, if your outerwear beige or light brown (e.g., sheepskin or fur). If you wear high black boots without a heel with a bright narrow trousers and complement the image of the jacket – this is a reference to the image of a jockey riding rider.
  • Brown boots will help out in that case that outerwear beige, brown or sand color. To brown Shoe fit things bright colors (both warm and cold), as well as clothing the so-called “ground” range (brown-green-reddish).
  • What to wear with red boots without heels – with clothes saturated colors. Not good these boots look great with grey, black or beige (light brown) outerwear. Looks great red leather boots with denim (Association with cowboy style and country).
  • White boots shoes is suitable for either white or bright colored outerwear. Nice white boots with colored tights.

Now you can’t go wrong what to wear with boots without a heel!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with boots without a heel?

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