What to wear with culottes?

Culottes is the correct name for the unusual models of women’s trousers, which periodically come into fashion. However, in the past century culottes were the subject not from a woman’s closet, it looked very different… but all in good time!

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What is pantaloons?

In the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries French nobility (men, of course) started to wear riding pants below the knee, loose enough cut, with Velcro on the bottom. They are called “pantaloons”.

And in the 30 years of the twentieth century designer-reformer Elsa Schiaparelli invented a variation of culottes for women. It was wide-leg pants, MIDI length with a high waist.

Like that this thing and came to our time.

During this long period, the fashion was known and the “Golden age” for the culottes (for example, 70), and the years when they are completely out of fashion and it seemed funny. Now culottes are actively conquer the catwalks and the streets again.

Are the culottes of various fabrics (from denim to taffeta, from wool to knit), varies the width of the legs (sometimes the culottes with like a MIDI skirt), allowed variations of the lengths (the main thing that was completely covered by knee and ankle fully open).

Culottes: what to wear?

The problem of culottes – they visually shorten the legs. If you want to look taller and slimmer, how to deal with this visual shortening? There are a few tricks:

  • High heel.
  • The vertical line in the “design” of the whole image. This can be a direct coat unbuttoned, jacket or even a cardigan without a belt!
  • High waist. Emphasize this feature cut the culottes, for example, a belt of contrast color at the waist or a wide blouse tucked inside.

To the culottes looked funny and old-fashioned, do not wear them with fitted tops and turtlenecks. On the contrary, the way to balance the wide, loose stuff – volume sweaters, blouses, and shirts (they can fill in or untucked).

Also good things clear, graphically silhouette – jackets with straight shoulders (a reference to the business style of the ‘ 70s, but in this direction you can pick up a good modern variations), straight tops, coat-“cocoon”, a short jacket.

A good layered mix “top”: for example, cardigan, put on a shirt.

If you really really want to wear culottes with a fitted sweater or turtleneck, choose some bright accessories – massive necklaces, scarf necklace, stole, or shawl…

But the culottes like a skirt (with a very wide leg, deliberately tailored to create the illusion of a skirt) can be worn with any “top” that you would wear to a regular MIDI skirt. It offers the entire range of blouses, tops, etc.

What shoes to wear culottes?

If you look at photos from the world’s catwalks or look for inspiration in street look-Oh, you can find a lot of interesting combinations of culottes with very different shoes from “shoes” with pointed toes to platform sandals-wedge heels.

However, real life is different.

In fact, all these creative combinations, cropped pants with flat shoes can afford only girls classic “model” physique – so thin and tall that you can not worry about the visual length of your legs or about extra pounds.

If you’re the girl at school teased “the watchtower”, and your dream is to look a little shorter, feel free to wear ballet flats under culottes!

And at a low height, wide hips and/or waist, “a wide bone” of the ankles – need heels! You can use any stilettos or chunky high heels and also shoes on a high “wedge”.

Summer looked very elegant open toe sandals heels with white culottes!

What to wear with culottes autumn and winter high – heeled boots with narrow, fitted shaft (it may even be partially covered by a Trouser leg).

Want to wear culottes to the office with a jacket and shirt, but not sure that will survive all day with high heels? Option for you – “a La masculine style” and shoes that mimic shoes.

Culottes – an unusual thing, and they are demanding impeccable taste. They can look like super-stylish and ridiculous. I hope this article has helped you determine what you will wear this model of pants.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with culottes?

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