What to wear with dark blue color?

Dark blue colour, which almost never leaves the podiums, showcases boutiques and the wardrobes of “style icons”. Traditionally, blue is considered to be strict and even boring color, but it is complete nonsense for those who already know what to wear with Navy blue!

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What colors goes well with dark blue?

This color has a large palette of possible combinations. To make it easier to remember what colors to wear dark blue, divide them into several groups:

  • All pastel colors. Lemon, pistachio, pale pink, apricot, beige, ecru, pale blue, pale lilac, they all have the chance to become a pair of dark blue! However, it is worth remembering that the brighter the light color, the darker and muted should be a shade of blue.
  • All the warm color light and bright colors. Yellow, orange, crimson, coral, red, sand, brick, etc. of Dark color, which are warm (for example, cherry, Burgundy, chocolate) can be approached selectively, depending on the specific things, and such combinations require a Supplement in the form of a third bright color.
  • White.

Color combinations that should be used with caution

There are colors that look good with dark blue on the palette, but not very good in real life, on specific things. Conversely, sometimes the violation of the laws of color in the clothes look very well!

In General, try to wear:

  • Dark blue and bright green (emerald or salad). When talking about dim blue, may be quite acceptable combination.
  • Dark blue and gray. Generally it is a very boring combination, and the colors just “vzaimopomoshi”. But if you really really want to invent some kind of variation, take a bright blue color and a very light gray. Good look blue and grey one tone (degree of saturation), for example, dark blue and the color of wet asphalt next to simply “lost”.
  • Dark blue with bright azure, turquoise, mint. As a rule, it is a good combination, but it is better to Supplement them with some elements of brown, sand or champagne color.
  • Dark blue with red – theoretically, this combination correct, but very bright. The image looked oversaturated and vulgar, to the scarlet head dark gray-blue. Let one of the colors predominates – for example, red is only in emphasis. Or dilute the third set, light color (white, sand, coffee with milk).
  • Dark color. Chocolate, Bordeaux – they may be present, but they need to Supplement with something light or bright.
  • Lilac (bright or pastel). Only with very dark and muted blue!
  • Black. Of course, black can be used with any color, but if the image is already dark blue, the abundance of black will make the set dull and gloomy. Definitely need some bright or pastel color as the third, and black may be in the details – shoes, belt, bag, etc.

What not to wear dark blue?

There are colors, which should not wear with dark blue at all. A few of them:

  • Dark purple.
  • Dark green
  • Dark gray

What to wear with dark blue things: examples of images

Rich, deep blue is good because in most cases it can replace the black but it will look much more interesting! For example, the little black dress is without a doubt, the standard of good taste, but… little blue dress — more delicious and more noticeable! The black jacket is only good for weekdays in the office, as part of the business dress code – jacket and blue can be worn with jeans for a walk or with a colored skirt for a date!

The website sympaty.net offers some interesting images using this color:

  • Dark blue dress, cardigan fuchsia, grey tights, Navy blue shoes.
  • Dark blue skirt, white trench coat, coral blouse, Navy blue ankle boot
  • Dark blue top, orange skirt Maxi dress, brown sandals and bag
  • Dark blue coat, beige scarf, dark brown boots.

Wear dark blue when very strict business dress code and celebrations. This color is appropriate at any age and in any size!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with dark blue color?

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