What to wear with denim jacket?

The question of what to wear with a denim jacket, not so complicated – almost every one of us is the owner of this thing you can wear “and in the feast and in the world.”

Denim jackets fit perfectly in a variety outfits, and there are quite a few rules how to combine them. Stylish advice on this issue is divided into original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

What to wear with a short denim jacket?

Options is not something that sea, but an ocean! Almost all of the things basic wardrobe you can combine with a denim jacket length to the waist.

What to wear with denim jacket:

  • Tops and t-shirts any cut, color and style, from simple knit to woven, lace, sequined, etc. Denim gives any material the stylish youthfulness and simplicity (but not vulgar bad taste!).
  • Blouses and shirts or fitted, or to refuel at the bottom with a high waist.
  • Sweaters, turtlenecks.

Short denim jacket is good with slinky Jersey dresses (dresses shirts, for example), with knitted dresses, sweaters, and fitted dresses of any length, from Maxi to mini.

In General, it is not necessary to wear it only with a clearly evening dresses, for stylistic dissonance is more than obvious.

Although… if the event assumes less solemn than the Oscars or dinner at the Queen of England, and you like outrageous combinations of clothing – then why not try to “make friends”, for example, cocktail dress, ultra-short denim jacket and some trivial decoration?

What about “bottom” — what to wear with denim jacket woman?

A lot depends on your type of figure. If you are a slim hourglass or slim “boyish” figure, then, of course, you can wear any pants, skirts and shorts site sympaty.net you definitely no limit in the choice of options!

But if you have a tendency to gain weight, you have to remember a few unsuccessful combinations and avoid them.

For the figure “pear” taboo – fitting trousers, jeans or leggings with a short denim jacket. Hips and legs will look too wide and the chest is more flat than it really is.

Avoid the “bottom” with a high waist – it visually shortens the upper half of the body, and you don’t need to! You also should not tuck in tops and blouses to pants or skirt – it is better to wear them untucked, and on top of them – short denim jacket.

If you have fullness on the “Apple” type, your taboo is short skirts, especially lush, especially with high waist: these will make you disproportionately wide and short torso (view on the stage image of Verka Serduchka in a short jacket and know what’s wrong with mini on the “apples”). But short denim jacket completely “eats” waist (with the exception of ultra-short, barely covering the bust of the jacket)!

What to wear with long denim jacket?

Denim jacket hip-length most often come in two types: winter model, or a fitted jacket-jackets.

What to wear with denim jacket women’s autumn?

  • Knit athletic pants or warm leggings for a walk in the Park.
  • Knitted dress knee length or MIDI on city walk.
  • With a shirt or jumper and a MIDI skirt to work or study.

Does denim jacket with jeans?

There is only one case when a denim jacket and jeans will be combined: if they are made of exactly the same material, ie a suit. Although denim suits have long lost the status of the latest trend things, there are times when the clothing is convenient – a walk with a child, camping trip, etc.

But much more interesting to combine a denim jacket with non-denim things: for example, with classic wide women’s trousers, chiffon summer skirts, winter skirts, wool fabric, etc. – for imagination is almost limitless!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with denim jacket?

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