What to wear with denim shoes

Comfortable semi-sports shoes now at the height of fashion sneakers and espadrilles have long since ceased to be paraphernalia for sports. Wear them “and in the feast and in the world” — with skirts, dresses, shorts…

And of course, the designers could not combine two fashion trends – shoes and denim. Denim shoes quickly won the hearts and Shoe lockers fashionistas!

What to wear with denim sneakers or espadrilles – will tell women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Denim sneakers (women’s): what to wear?

The sneakers are generally very affordable shoes. They are a wonderful complement a variety of outfits, and sneakers can be the element that will make wearable even shocking things.

For example, how many of us dare to wear a pale pink tulle skirt in broad daylight? Or a dress with sequins or a short lace top or knit Maxi dress?.. And shoes any of these things will be quite appropriate in a “Luka”!

As for denim sneakers, then the rule is simple – wear them with any clothes, except the trousers… and jeans. Yeah, don’t be surprised to both wear denim shoes and jeans are not worth it! It was appropriate, except that in the last decade “scoop” — when the material was expensive and difficult, and therefore, those who have they were used to wear more jeans, to show your “coolness.”

In our time, fortunately, denim is back to its natural state, casual clothing, and wear it over and over is no longer fashionable.

If you want to continue with the denim theme in the image, this can be done with the help of accessories (handbag, headband, baseball cap or jewelry “denim” colors), or with clothing “top” (e.g., jacket or vest, denim).

The more similar are the shades and textures of denim in a single image, the better. Looks very strange grey worn denim with a smooth bright blue: such combinations it is desirable to avoid.

Also, from a list of what you can wear with denim shoes, should be excluded denim dresses and coats (i.e., things that together with sneakers form a “solo” denim kit and it looks not good).

What are the options left? The website sympaty.net advises:

  • Dresses of any cut (even Maxi and MIDI).
  • Skirt – from lush to direct, from mini to mid-calf.
  • Shorts (but not denim!).
  • Skinny pants – white or color, but better not black, and certainly not jeans!

What to wear with denim shoes on the platform, depends on your figure. If you have very skinny legs, then it is better to wear short-cut trousers or a straight skirt. With medium legs and medium or high growth, there are no restrictions – neither by the length nor by the cut of things.

But if the legs are complete, then the best option would be a Tulip skirt or other full skirt MIDI length.

Denim slip-on shoes: what to wear?

Espadrilles, in fact, these are the same shoes, but without the lacing – so the rules of the game for this Shoe remains the same. You have already understood, what to wear family and your favorite jeans will fail and will have to look carefully into the uncharted depths of your “nothing to wear” and pick something interesting.

Something interesnenko may be bright-colored skirt and even more interesnenko skirt with a print (of course, if your denim slip-on shoes without a pattern).

Another interesting stylish thing which is good with a denim espadrilles – this knit dress (with sleeves or “dress shirt”). The most fashionable print for this kind of dresses this season – cross marine band.

If you combine this dress with espadrilles in blue denim and a bright bag (for example red), and jewelry to match the espadrilles and/or bags – will be well very trendy way!

What to wear with denim slip-on shoes – women’s sweater dresses and shirt dresses will fit perfectly.

Another option, what you can wear with denim slip-on shoes is leggings. There are no restrictions in the colors (except jeggings leggings imitation denim).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with denim shoes

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