What to wear with earrings how to choose earrings for the clothing and Vice versa

Earrings – a favorite ornament of most girls. You can not wear anything on the neck and wrist, you can not wear rings (or wear one wedding) – and ears without earrings many ladies seem unpardonable laxity! Today, “ToKnow365.top” tells how and what to wear with earrings of various shapes and designs.

What earrings can be worn with any clothes and other ornaments?

The website sympaty.net of course, always ready to tell you how to create a stylish image, pick him earrings (including how to choose earrings for face shape).

But often there are situations when to carefully sort through his box of treasures, and invent bold combinations just once – you need to quickly put something optimal for any set of clothes and jewelry and run some errands! For these cases, should have in their treasure trove of these earrings:

  • “Pinks” with a little rock neutral colors.
  • Pearl earrings (“carnations” or “drop”)
  • Black and gray earrings-pendants (agate, aventurine, black glass).
  • A small silver or gold earrings.

This is the “basic set“. Of course, this is not enough, but any of these models ideal for situations when you want to ear what it was, and to choose more complex options once or there is nothing suitable.

What to wear large earrings?

Usually most issues are large earrings: pendants, three-dimensional decorative elements, etc. the Problem is that you need to carefully pick up the shape of the neckline or collar of the clothing and jewelry on the neck.

If the selection is unsuccessful, the earrings can “outweigh” a person to look too massive, and mismatched jewelry on the neck and might even be superfluous, to create a pile.

Any large earrings can be a solution when you wear a dress or a sundress with bare shoulders and arms – doesn’t have to pick up something on the neck, it is better to think of the bracelet or ring style earrings. But, of course, is not the only option – large earrings can be worn with almost all forms of cut, provided that the neck is open. Not suitable sweaters, turtlenecks, collars stand-up

And, of course, it is not necessary to burden set, necklace, necklaces, etc. But can come low long beads chain with pendant or pendant brooch.

What to wear with long earrings?

Long earrings chains, pendants, etc., very good decoration, that goes for almost everyone. These earrings visually elongate the neck. And the range of things that you can wear earrings elongated shape, very broad.

Good to be classical shirts or dresses with shirt collar, things with V-neck or even turtleneck (but not a sweater with an oversized collar-a”collar”!).

Interesting combination of long thin earrings with necklace”collar”. Long earrings if you have any pendants on the ends, it is better to prefer for a neck chain with a pendant, not a necklace or a necklace, or to give up other decorations on the neck at all.

And there are models long earrings, which themselves are so extravagant that you can leave them the only piece of jewelry – for example, wear earrings with feathers is exactly “solo”!

What to wear Hoop earrings?

Earrings avoid wearing a lot of girls, because of consistent associations with “Gypsy” and tasteless. However, this is not true – it is important not to oversaturate the image of the “wrong” jewelry!

Hoop earrings are good when they are thin enough. Fine jewelry pieces are not suitable, but it is possible to complement a wide bracelet, beads in ethnic style – ethnics are always in fashion, and if he did create a similar image, earring well it will fit. The notorious “Gypsy” arises, on the contrary, when trying these earrings to wear with a business suit or an evening dress – but it’s a completely different style!

Fashion earrings-cuffs: how to wear them?

Kaffy is a very fashionable and very extravagant decoration! They also believe the earrings, but this is not true – cuff rests on your ear is not due to a puncture in the lobe, and the ear (although some models have additional bracing that require a piercing).

Because the cuffs themselves are large and noticeable accessory, to understand how to wear them is sometimes problematic.

The trick is that both cuffs on both ears do not need to wear – edgy look will be the asymmetry! In the other ear either to wear nothing or to wear a little metal “stud”, “ring” or a thin sterling chain.

And another interesting point: how to wear earrings, if you have not one, but multiple punctures in the ear? As a rule, in such cases, the largest wear earring in the first hole and the second and subsequent fill “pinks”. Interested can look some of the same “studs” in all the places of punctures, or thin sterling chain, which is translated through the second puncture.

Extravagant option – the subtle chain-link earrings with length of 2-3 cm in each “hole”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with earrings how to choose earrings for the clothing and Vice versa

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