What to wear with earrings “peacock feather”?

Today on the website “ToKnow365.top” talk about a bright accessory that will draw attention to you – the earrings with peacock feather. How to create an elegant look with these earrings and how to wear them in their everyday environment and about the print “peacock feather”, which can go well with these earrings, read on!

Clothing which combines style earrings with peacock feather?

The earrings themselves look very elegant. But this does not mean that they can be worn only in the evening and in a festive atmosphere!

The website sympaty.net win-win offers several images with these earrings:

  • Bright long sundress (solid or variegated), earrings, sandals, headband. This image is closer to the style of hippies, but the hippies loved it such unusual ornaments as earrings “peacock feather”!
  • Plain t-shirt, t-shirt or longsleeve, jeans, clutch, heels. Simple, but very elegant – earrings “sparkle”!
  • Cocktail silk dress, heels, clutch and earrings that can complement a bracelet or cocktail ring.
  • Tank top or tunic with sequins, leggings, earrings, shoes or sandals with heels. The image of a good environment for informal party in the club, for example.

Since the majority of modifications earrings “peacock feather” has a length of about 3-5 cm, i.e. earrings descend to the level of the neck and sometimes to the shoulders, it is better to choose a garment that opens the neck – a turtleneck and sweater with these earrings do not look very good.

What colors in clothes will be combined with the peacock feather?

The feather is a miracle-birds contains many shades. Dominate, of course, blue, turquoise, celadon, grass green, brown, black. Thing any of these colors would go perfectly with the earrings!

However, you should experiment and consider other, more contrasting combinations. Thus, the earrings can approach things yellow, orange, mint, purple, light green, and white colors.

Is it possible to combine the earrings with peacock feathers and other decorations?

The earrings themselves are large and bright decoration, and if you don’t want to look “Christmas tree”, then make them the main “highlight” of the image!

In principle, can not bring other decorations and jewelry, especially if the arms are covered with sleeves – earrings will be good without any additions. But you can Supplement them with a bracelet or ring (special piquancy will bring a repetition of the figure “peacock” on them).

But the necklaces and beads better not to wear – this will create a visual jumble in the neck. The maximum that you can try, if you really really want something to wear on the neck – appropriate style pendant on a thin chain or cord.

Also, despite the elegance, you should not combine feather earrings jewelry, jewelry with stones, etc. are products of different styles. The jewels will be darkened, and the earrings will look too “garish”.

Print “peacock feather” — how to use it?

Print with peacock feathers in clothing or accessories can harmoniously complement earrings “peacock feather”. This print is very bright, active overdo it costs nothing!

It looks good on silk, satin and other shiny, “flowing” fabrics, especially if a large print – out of such fabrics often sew long skirts, dresses (even formal). Minor modification of the print sometimes decorated the shoes, handbags, hair accessories – they can be combined with earrings.

Just don’t wear both “peacock” earrings, dress, shoes and purse are too much!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with earrings “peacock feather”?

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