What to wear with fishnets?

Tights and stockings in fishnet mesh – classic. But, nevertheless, is a tricky piece of clothing – because of sexy femininity to vulgarity and vulgarity – one step! What to wear with fishnets – tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Tights and fishnets: a few rules

As we have said, the grid is have already beaten in every way a model of tights, that is a classic. But! This is not a business and not an office classic, and even in formal dress code “grid” on the legs is not always appropriate!

First, a grid is really sexy. That’s the thing-the character thing-call the thing-“the scream”! Donning the fishnets, the woman just tells the world: “I’m beautiful, I want to please men, I want my sexuality!”.

Undoubtedly, this state of soul is in each of us, and then are extracted out of the closet tights or fishnets!

But this is a terrible message if your manner should be casual, simple and quiet: for example, if you go to work or school, meet a friend or walk with baby, etc

Second, the grid is not suitable for many clothing styles. You will have to opt-out of these tights, if you dress in a casual style, or bring in the elements of sports and semi-sports clothes. Also will not fit a grid to the images in the styles of ethnic, hippie, etc.

Third, not any colors, prints and clothing materials combined with fishnets. Never wear tights”mesh” with clothes in stripes or checks, discard them, if you wear a dress of lace.

The larger the grid cells, the more risk to look in these stockings or tights vulgar. In principle, wearing stockings in a large grid “on” for decent ladies – even bad manners!

These stockings belong to the category of erotic underwear that they can wear in the bedroom and arrange a pleasant surprise. Day stockings in a large grid look out of place in formal institutions like a club or bar like garment reveals to its owner the frivolous seeker of adventure.

With some dresses and skirts to wear fishnets?

Yes, we are not mistaken, what to wear with fishnets — only skirt-petlevami clothes! Any breeches or shorts over these tights look very vulgar and old-fashioned!

If you bought the fishnets – what to wear with them? The best combination:

  • Pencil skirt
  • Sheath dress
  • Skirt or dress “new look” (full skirt) – get the retro look!

You should not wear such tights mini skirts and short dresses as well as skirts and dresses with high slits, plunging necklines, etc. Is a – closed, laconic style dress knee length.

Best grid, of course, things look solid. Semi-sheer clothes do not exclude the possibility to wear fishnet tights, but only if we are talking about the top (the sleeves of the blouse, “Flirty” dress, etc.). Perhaps a combination of mesh with large floral prints, embroidery or other decorations on clothing.

Very vulgar and unfashionable are the attempts to wear black fishnets over a solid colored tights. This option might work, except that in combination with a masquerade costume.

The same applies to the colored fishnets – it is irrelevant and totally stylish!

And one more rule – if you wear the fishnets, the top (elastic and attaching to the gum belt) must be fully covered skirt. Always. No exceptions! No, a couple of exceptions is still there – either you thirteen years and this is the first attempt to secretly wear my mom’s stockings, or do you also work at a school with a bad reputation. I hope both these cases – not yours!

What shoes to wear fishnets?

Shoes to the “mesh” – heel Shoe elegant and classic! If you really can’t afford the heel, then try to replace the “stud” on black ballet flats with a triangular toe.

Taboo – sports and semi-sports shoes, rough shoes of shoes type lace-up, platform shoes, shoes with open toe and heel. Also extremely vulgar look with grid high boots boots.

The best option is fishnet stockings and classic pumps.

Each lady’s wardrobe should have at least some fishnets – what to wear with them, you already know!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with fishnets?

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