What to wear with flare jeans?

Jeans with flared-leg pants called “bell bottoms”, although, strictly speaking, the line can be considered only the skirt is sewn from a single circle of matter.

But whatever it was, flared jeans firmly taken its place in fashion – and to call them obsolete thing the language does not turn. The website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you how to wear different variations of the “flares”.

What to wear with jeans flare from the knee?

Jeans narrow at the thigh and flared from the knee, very slim and visually lengthen the leg, so are many women. The website sympaty.net especially advised to choose this model of jeans women with the figure “pear” or “hourglass” is extended from the bottom of the pant legs balances wide hips.

But if you have skinny legs, are prone to O-shaped curvature (not think, it’s not a terrible deformity, and affects many women feature – when the straight legs are not touching at the knees), then you shouldn’t wear bell bottoms from the knee, because they accentuate this feature.

It is very important to choose the correct length of flare from the knee: must cover the ankle area, and in some cases the heel, but this is only possible with the right choice of shoes.

What to wear with jeans bell bottoms footwear is shoes, sandals and ankle boots with a heel. The length of the legs may be such that it will be covered by the heel and approximately half the height of the heel. This cunning technique, jeans “is not”, is guaranteed to provide you the effect of slim and long legs!

If you don’t like or can’t walk in “heels”, choose a wider heel or high heel, but not flat thin sole and not even the platform-“iron”.

One more wish, what to wear with flared jeans – wear shoes without elongated noses: first, pointed shoes no longer in fashion (and soon, their return is not expected), and secondly, in combination with a flared leg to visually these shoes will give your foot a couple of extra dimensions.

But “riding” these jeans can be anything from t-shirts to sweaters, from business shirts to long cardigans. Not very good (actually, not very fashionable at the moment) combination – jeans-flare from the knee and a short top: this image of the era of youth Britney Spears is now completely irrelevant.

What to wear with jeans flared from the hip?

Jeans flared from the hip, good for girls with legs-“matches”, but to be worn at the ladies physique “plus size”.

The only people who may not fit these jeans low – rise women: it is no secret that the wider the leg, the shorter leg look.

If the “flares” from the hip have a higher waist, they can fill shirts, blouses and t-shirts. A good accessory to these jeans – women’s suspenders.

You can wear flares this cut with straight wide open cardigans, classic jackets and short jackets.

Shoes to wide bell bottoms – not necessarily the heel. You can make a choice in favor of ballet shoes, women’s oxfords, loafers or even sneakers. But the Trouser should be of such a length that between the end of the leg and the floor was just a few millimeters. And if you still choose the heel, the pant leg should partially cover.

What to wear with cropped jeans flared?

This model jeans are only for skinny women, absolutely confident in the beauty of their legs!

“Flares” of length above the ankle need shoes or sandals with heels higher and thinner the better. With flats, these jeans look bad, even if you have perfect legs.

Of course, don’t fit shoes, boots and ankle boots with wide tops, fur trim, etc.

As a “top” to the cropped flare fit womens form-fitting shirts, blouses-tunics, jackets over tops and shirts.

And, of course, the selection of clothes and accessories to jeans bell bottoms it is worth considering their color. For example, there are many options, what to wear with blue jeans bell bottoms, but the only thing wrong with blue same things of other materials (and bad and blue that repeats the color of the jeans and a different shade of blue).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with flare jeans?

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