What to wear with flats are a stylish solution for summer!

To go without shoes during the warm time of the year is unlikely at least one fashionista! Advantages are many: convenience and ease this footwear, a huge range of colors and stylistic decisions, and, of course, the ability to combine flats with different outfits! About the most successful choices of what to wear with ballet flats, says the website sympaty.net.

What clothes goes well with ballet flats?

If the answer to this question very briefly, we can say that ballet flats harmonizes with almost everything – a detailed listing can be long! Therefore, the website “ToKnow365.top” offers the opposite advice: what ballerina doesn’t fit well:

  • Evening and cocktail dresses. Ballet flats just don’t fit into the dress code. Although some are not too strict on the format of the party – why not?
  • Straight Maxi skirt. Will “the effect of duck feet” — and in any size.
  • Skirt-a pencil. With ballet flats she’s just a stylistic mismatch. The exception is denim pencil skirt: there are different experiments!

Everything else is you can try to wear with ballet flats. Classic ballet flats with a rounded toe give the image a certain charm of naivete, but fashionable in this season ballet flats with a pointed toe can replace the classic “pumps” in cases where I would not want to stand on the heel.

Flats in neutral shades suitable even for business sets – to sheath dress, pant suit, pleated skirt (especially if you prefer the style “business casual”).

What to wear with ballet flats, if you have full legs?

Women with full or simply “big boned” feet often avoid wearing flats. The problem is obvious – this Shoe is not lifts the foot and adds growth. But that’s no reason to abandon ballet altogether, after all, constantly walk in heels is also not always possible – you just need to correctly pick what to wear with ballet flats!

Taboos in this case, breeches, shorts, short skirts. They themselves are “shortened” leg.

Also not very good are leggings and skinny – these tight clothes will show your wide hips in contrast with narrow ankles and “neat” foot in ballet flats, and completeness will be more noticeable.

But try to wear classic straight trousers of medium width, wide lightweight pants, skirts”bell” below the knee and Maxi skirts. An interesting solution, which is for many women, ballet flats and trousers-“alladine“.

What to wear with ballet flats for girls with skinny legs?

Skinny girls are ballet flats, and even can be recommended as an important element underlying the spring-summer wardrobe.

But sometimes there is a problem – “duck foot“: when ballet flats with skinny ankles and legs makes the foot visually longer and completely flat sole besides affects the gait.

This happens most often when ballet flats wearing short fluffy skirts (legs in them look even thinner), short shorts, short dresses casual “Empire”…

Therefore, I advise you prefer to wear flats with long or medium length dresses and skirts, and if you still want to wear mini – choose straight cut skirts and form-fitting styles of dresses. Will also fit almost any jeans and trousers, however, if you decided to stay on leggings or skinny wear over a tunic or long shirt so his feet didn’t look too “stretched”.

Interesting additions to flats – leg warmers, socks, tights or stockings.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with flats are a stylish solution for summer!

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