What to wear with fur vest?

Vest made of leather or faux fur is a stylish garmentthat can become the main “chip” of completely different images! However, the wrong combination of things, there is the risk of looking old-fashioned or just weird, even if the vest is beautiful and high quality! So what to wear with fur vestto be a stylish thing? The website sympaty.net tell!

What NOT to wear fur vest

Before talking about beautiful combinations and fashion images, I want to warn about the common mistakes committed by many women, purchasing a trendy fur vest. It’s a combination of that strange and ugly look on women with any body type:

  • Jeans, leggings. Especially skinny jeans, especially women with wide hips. But it is the combination of “jeans + turtleneck + fur vest” can be seen most often – and the vest looks like something alien… the Problem is that with such bulky items , it is that the legs looked “matches” in skinny jeans or leggings: “tops” will be visually heavier, the vest can fully… If the model of the vest length to the waist is very unsympathetic and will look to the thighs in the jeans! If you really really want to try this combination – choose your jeans-“boyfriend” and rude shoes: it is a way close to punk or grunge.


  • Straight MIDI skirts. In principle, some designers played up and this combination, but in real life, direct MIDI in combination with a fur vest creates in memory the unforgettable image of post-Soviet grandmother sweatshirt with cutoff sleeves ?
  • Mini-skirts, particularly the flared, pleated, a-line, etc.
  • T-shirts, blouse with short sleeves. Looks weird. Better wear a turtleneck, longsleeve or shirt with long sleeves or ¾ (it is usually more appropriate during the cold season, when worn fur vest!). And if you really want to experiment with open hands, wear a vest over t-shirts or sleeveless dresses, or maybe just the bra is better than a short sleeve shirt under vest!

How to wear a longline fur vest?

The most current model of the vest from fur – the one that covers the thighs. What to wear with fur vest so long? Original women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will not give fashionistas to get trapped!

Stylish ideas:

  • Knit Maxi or MIDI dress. The vest can be supplemented with a wide belt, but without belt! Possible variants of the Shoe as the heel (if you want to create an elegant look with a vest from a nice smooth fur) and rough lace-up boots or wedge shoes. Accessories – scarf, bag, envelope, large brooch (on jacket), wide bracelets…
  • Sheath dress (or skirt-pencil, tapering to the knees). Additional image with a fur vest, turtleneck, high heeled shoes and long earrings.
  • Maxi skirt with a boxy fit. The vest in this embodiment, it is better to add a belt.
  • The bell skirt length mid-calf, vest, blouse or shirt. Shoes can be without heels or with a small heel.
  • Wide lightweight pants, blouse or turtleneck. … A wide – brimmed hat, tote, large bracelets… And certainly heel!

How to wear a short fur vest?

Short fur vest (from the waist up, sometimes ending under the chest) is also quite worthy of a place in your wardrobe! It is a definite plus – it can replace overexposed Bolero or out of fashion short jackets.

What to wear?

  • Tunic dresses
  • Turtlenecks, t-shirts
  • Pants, jeans boyfriend
  • Virtually any skirt style, enjoy
  • Long dresses. Short vest made of beautiful quality fur may even complement evening dress sleeveless or with fitted sleeves (such as lace).

And another tip: the more expensive and luxurious fur, the better and more elegant to be supplementing his stuff. For example, artificial “shaggy” fur can be worn knitting, knitwear, denim is a democratic material, creating a hippie style or boho, for example.

Aristocratic mink and it is better to add suede, silk or chiffon, velvet, etc. – will be completely different, “adult” and luxurious!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with fur vest?

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