What to wear with high boots?

Boots with high tops – fashion shoes for autumn and winter. A definite plus with such boots is they make your legs visually longer, and the proportions of the figure in General is slimmer!

Of course, to have in her wardrobe high boots is all girls! And what to wear with high boots – tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

What can you wear high boots?

Are the high boots with tops from the top of the calf and higher. There are different models of high boots (some of them the website sympaty.net already wrote):

  • Boots – boots, covering the knee or above. A classic version of the jackboots – with fold on top.
  • Boots-stockings – skinny over the knee boots, made of fine soft suede, sometimes synthetic material.
  • Boots-tube – knee-high boots, which is the narrowing of the shaft to the ankle.
  • Lace-up boots.

What are the rules about the combination of the high boots with the clothes exist?

  • Can be worn with any model of high boots with pants or jeans, but only with a narrow! Of course, trousers fill in boots. Instead of trousers can be leggings.
  • If you wear a dress, tunic, straight skirt or shorts, then these things must not end in “butt” with boots. Between the skirt and riding boots must be at least 5-10 cm.
  • If you wear a full skirt, it can be below the knee and even cover the top of the shaft of the boot. This does not apply to direct and form-fitting skirts!

Special conversation – the knee boots. What to wear with them? Or with mini skirts and short dresses or with shorts, leggings or jeggings.

A good option – the knee boots and sweater dress.

High suede boots: what to wear?

Suede boots good quality, looks luxurious, and will add elegant chic to any woman! Most importantly, know what to wear them.

To wear high suede boots with heels can be a short elegant dress. It is in any case not not evening and cocktail option (dress code generally does not consider boots as an option of evening shoes), but are suitable for different an extraordinary day of events.

For example – in the corporate office, children’s birthday party in a cafe, sitting in a restaurant with a friend or Beau…

But you can do the opposite – noble suede combined with deliberately rough materials. In this scenario, boots can be as a heel or without, or on the platform-wedge heels. For example, wear them with a denim skirt or Granny dress, sweater coarse knit or a leather jacket simply called…

Complement the image of stylish jewelry and a beautiful suede bag!

What to wear with high boots in winter: choose the top clothes

When buying boots, you need to understand that they will have to match with outerwear. Fortunately, high boots provide a fairly wide range of things that it look great!

Winter high boots made of leather or suede are wonderful to match with a fur coat. Moreover, the coat can be any color and length! Light fur looks good with black leather or suede. Also a good option – the fur vest.

Also fit a range of jackets. If you want to wear with high boots down jacket – choose a fitted waist, covering the hips. Also the hips should be covered with “top” (jacket, sweater, cardigan etc., your choice), if you wear high boots with leggings or jeans.

Looks very tacky with high boots striped open belly and/or lower back – do without a short “top”!

What to wear with high heeled boots in the fall – with coats. If you want to wear a long coat – this is quite a good option, because usually a long coat are sewn with high slit-slit, and your boots will be visible when walking. But under coat is still not worth it to wear long dresses or skirts!

High rubber boots look good with cloaks and light trincomali.

Now you can’t go wrong in choosing clothes, because you already know what to wear with high boots!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with high boots?

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