What to wear with jeans girlfriend?

Attention to all readers of the site sympaty.net! More recently in Vogue is the new model of jeans, which is definitely worth a try — it jeans “girlfriend”. But what is it and how to wear them, we will be happy to advise you!

What is the difference between boyfriend jeans from “girlfriend”?

About boyfriend jeans “ToKnow365.top” recently said: it is women’s jeans that mimic the cut of men’s (hence the name “boyfriend jeans”).

“Girlfriend” is much more interesting – they are intended for girls, but… well, is a modified variation of “Boyfriends” which has been traced similarities with men’s tailoring.

Of course, it is difficult to explain the concept of women’s jeans, women’s jeans imitating, so let’s talk about intelligible things – for example, about the features of the cut and silhouette of this novelty.

“Girlfriend” have a fitted cut, and is the first difference from “Boyfriends”.

These jeans have a high waist. And unites them with the “Boyfriends” that leg, cropped or rolled-up length of these jeans are usually just above the ankle (though sometimes there are “girlfriend”-length breeches to mid-calf).

Who do jeans “girlfriend”?

Bodycon and cropped pants – you know, such a thing is not good for all body types. “Contraindications” to wear these jeans:

  • The low growth. Jeans with a high waist and cut-off trousers visually shorten your legs.
  • Full hips (the type of figure “pear”). In this case it is better to wear a larger “boyfriend” that will make the silhouette balanced.

Girlfriend best suited to skinny girls with “boyish” type of shape, or the girls with the figure of “hourglass”. The high growth in this case is also a plus.

If you really like this model of jeans, but there are doubts about compliance with the type of figure – compensate for the “shortened” legs high heel, and “top” do not fill in jeans, and wear trousers.

What to wear with jeans girlfriend?

With the “top” can be many, and the simplest of them is shirts, blouses and tops that you can tuck in jeans.

In addition, you should pay attention on t-shirts, loose t-shirt and sweater hip-length or below – it is also the right combination with short-fitting jeans.

If you want to look more slender in the “girlfriend”, and wear them with straight cardigans or coats. Also, try to wear jeans-girlfriend with a jacket, not buttoning it.

Shoes to the “girlfriend”

Shoes and sandals with a heel – perhaps, definitely the right decision, what to wear with jeans “girlfriend”. The heel attaches to the foot of harmony and elegance – it is an axiom!

Ankle boots will also work, but in this case, pick a model of ankle boots, which has no shaft and the edge, or even some kind of surround decor on the ankles.

If you need to find comfortable shoes for Hiking, get your shoes in the sneakers or boots, revealing the ankle. In the summer suit flats or sandals with wedge heels (but not on a level platform!).

But boots with a high shaft – shoes is right, but… in this case meaningless. Of course, you can tuck the narrow “girlfriend” in the tops of the boots, but then the particular cut of these jeans are not seen – with the same success you can wear normal fitting jeans.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with jeans girlfriend?

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