What to wear with jeans with high waist?

Jeans with high waist is a retro 70’s and 80’s, which nowadays receives a new frame.

Into fashion the last few seasons these jeans have introduced a girls-hipsters (as you know, this style actively borrows elements of images from past decades). However, this time the hipsters did not stop – literally everyone started buying shopping high-waisted jeans!

Therefore, the website “ToKnow365.top” tells you what to wear with high jeans: catch ideas!

What to wear with jeans with high waist?

Of course, there is no point to wear such a model and to hide the main feature casual, Empire waist, under a sweater or shirt.

So there are two correct solution to the question of what to wear with jeans with a high rise: either choose a short top or to fill the “top” in jeans.

What to wear with jeans with high waist?

  • Blouses and shirts that are naturally made inside. And then fit as normal, blouses and shirts “oversize” is tucked inside, they create an interesting contrast with the free “top” and the slinky “bottom”.
  • Shirts and t-shirts. It is also worth fill.
  • Tops & shirts, tie a knot underneath (and thus short).
  • Crop tops (that is this website sympaty.net already told). If you are ready for bold experiments, between the edge of the top and waistband of the jeans may be a strip of leather. If you do not like outdoor belly – top, maybe a little bit, a few inches to cover the top of jeans.

Another decision, what to wear overpriced jeans are cardigans, straight coats and long vests that are wide open, and not buttoning or tight belt.

What to wear with “high” jeans: shoes

“Tall” jeans have a very best feature – they visually lengthen legs. But they really emphasize the shape of the thighs and legs become much more noticeable and your strengths and weaknesses.

To correct possible problems possible with the right selection of shoes. What to wear with high-waisted jeans with a particular type of figure?

  • “Big bones” (wide hips and legs). You’ll like the heels, they make the silhouette as a whole is lighter and sleeker. But heels only one option. The second solution is “heavy” platform and thick heel in combination with a tractor sole. The fact that in contrast with this rough heavy shoes feet look thinner!
  • Wide hips but narrow ankles – it is best for you heels, but not necessarily tall and thin. In addition, we recommend to choose for the autumn-winter season assortment of high boots and boots with a wide shaft (“Cossacks”) – they will make the proportions of your legs more harmonious.

  • Tall, average or thin feet. For you – the whole range of shoes and boots without a heel, a low heel and smooth platform.
  • Medium or low rise, skinny legs. Safely get your shoes in footwear on the heel – of course, it will give you growth. But if you are feeling on the heels of the lame grasshopper, you can wear flat sole – ballet flats, loafers, shoes etc. Only not utjecaja feet “irons” on a thick platform, with the shoes your legs will look quite “matches”.

And another important thing that you need to consider when you pick what to wear “tall” jeans is their length. Shorter model type “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” require heels and shoes type sneakers and flats, these jeans can wear or Teens with no heels in the closet, or very slender girl, not making the slightest claim to his body and height.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with jeans with high waist?

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