What to wear with khaki pants?

The khaki pants — something that can be in the basic wardrobe of any woman. This color is less severe than black, but it goes well with any other colors, that provide a huge number of possibilities for composing sets of clothing and accessories.

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What “top” trousers khaki?

There are no limits! Of course, they are, but arise because of the peculiarities of those or other casual pants, and the image that you would like to obtain. Each style has features selection of colors.

  • Styles military cargo Safari is the case when no khaki pants will not do! Pants can be equipped with pockets, puffs in the bottom and on the knees, and other functional details of the cut. The “top” to them pick up the natural, earthy leafy tones: shirts, t-shirts, bomber olive green, sand, ochre shades. Camouflage print is, of course, would also be appropriate in such a set.
  • Boho, hippie, ethnic. Here prohibitions not exist! You can create a bright multicolor image or a more intimate and quiet (for example, adding the khaki pants with a knitted cardigan or a linen tunic, beaded or wooden jewellery).
  • Business-like style. Pants khaki classic straight cut is the basis for different business images. Of course, the most obvious option “top” blouse or shirt, but not necessarily white! If the dress code in your company is not very strict, choose more fresh shades of lemon, peach, apricot, mint , etc. Jacket to pant khaki can also be colored (most importantly, that the color of the blouse and jacket combined to each other).

What to wear with khaki pants: shoes

Trousers this shade really suits colored shoes!

If you are without a worthy use of boots, sneakers, moccasins and ballerinas are some unusual colors, then feel free to wear them with khaki pants!

What to wear with khaki pants women’s cropped cut: they need shoes or sandals with a heel, and it is better if shoes will have straps or some decorative detail at the ankle.

White shoes to pants khaki is not, and black can keep in mind as suchankova, but possible options: for example, if you will walk in the rain and bright shoes dirty mind or if your colleagues in the office do not understand your appearance in the colored shoes.

Brown shoes – controversial version. On the one hand, khaki and shades of brown are one color scheme, that is, this combination will not cut the eye. On the other – there is always a dissonance, if there are two close but not identical color.

What to do?

The correct solution to this problem is to wear shoes of a different tone and very similar to the khaki shade (for example, beige, dirty red, sand, chocolate brown), and be sure to come up with at least one item of the same color as the shoes (it can be strap watches, scarf, bag, vest, earrings – anything but do not leave the shoes, “alone”).

What about the shoes “color-in-color”? Of course, the shoes and pants of the same color is acceptable.

But… it’s pretty boring, and the designers and fashionistas have long shunned such solutions simply because of their banality. Besides, khaki is easy to overdo it (unless you are a scout on a mission) – this color should be mixed with something more catchy.

What to wear with khaki pants women’s: accessories and add-ons

Trousers khaki backpacks go, but if you don’t like them or the way too elegant for a backpack, then take a classic bag medium size.

Decorations pants khaki – for example, large geometric or ethnic areas. And better jewelry than jewelry (because expensive metals and stones are not needed in the image with a simple, casual pants).

When deciding, what to wear with khaki pants, do not forget about such accessories as the female braces or decorative belt. Wear a plain shirt, boots, oxfords and khaki pants with suspenders – and get the stylish look for everyday wear!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with khaki pants?

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