What to wear with knitted tights?

Knitted fishnet tights is a very cute and feminine element. Today at the original women’s site “ToKnow365.top” you will learn what to wear with knitted tights!

What to wear with knit tights?

Fishnet stockings always attract attention! And in cold weather appropriate knit models pantyhose– they are immediately associated with warmth and comfort!

What clothes to wear?

Best of all – with clothes of thick fabrics or knit.

For example, with shorts denim or wool dress. You can combine these tights with things large, three-dimensional binding (e.g., dresses, sweaters, cardigans). But the combination of openwork crochet tights with lace things and fine translucent fabrics such chiffon or mesh is not welcome – close to these gentle delicate open knit materials seem rough…

Wearing these tights, you can combine them with high boots (and mini, respectively). And if you are going to wear shoes without tops, for example ankle boots, you can complement the look with knitted leggings or knee socks.

What to wear with thick knitted tights?

Tights tight (usually knitted) knit appropriate in the cold season.

They can be worn with clothing from any tissue except the thin. The website “ToKnow365.top” can offer such options images:

  • Grey knitted tights, a mini skirt in tartan, wine red chunky knit jumper, jumper, white shirt.
  • Tights related “rubber band” (knitted viscous), dark shorts, shirt, vest, ankle boots with heels.
  • Thick knit tights, knit knee-length dress, wool cardigan, boots.

What to wear with a subtle fishnet tights?

Fine fishnet tights are a one-color clothing and fabrics uniform texture (without the lace, with a minimum of decoration in the form of embroideries, appliqués, three-dimensional knitted patterns, etc.). They themselves are enough to attract attention, it is not necessary to overload the way an abundance of small, fractional textures.

Best option what to wear with these tights is a classic cocktail dress is the cut that suits you fit. It is not necessary to wear thin fishnet tights with mini skirts and shorts – it looks vulgar.

Colorful knitted tights: what to wear?

Knitted tights, in addition to the usual black, often colored. With clothes what colors to wear?

  • Red and maroon tights good with dark blue, gray, brown, mustard, dark green and black clothing.
  • Very cute white knitted tights. What to wear with black, grey and bright things.
  • Grey tights are versatile – they can be worn as well as body – with clothes of all shades, even white things!

  • Brown tights will fit under your clothes of warm colors – brick, grass-green, yellow, orange, etc. you Can try and mix with cool colors, but it is better to choose darker shades: dark-blue, dark purple, the color of wet asphalt, dark celadon, etc.
  • Blue and green tights look good with clothes of brown or gray scale and shades of yellow and orange.
  • Crimson or purple knitted tights – very shocking attribute of the image, it is better to wear with things muted, pale shades, or with black.

Wear knit tights are not allowed with colored shoes (if the combination of colors chosen with taste).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with knitted tights?

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