What to wear with long t-shirt?

The website sympaty.net there is good news for those girls who are tired of emphasized femininity, uncomfortable dresses, t-shirts “slinky”.

Now it is not necessary critically to examine every crease on the body, and you can wear comfortable things — this season, fashion entered the spacious long t-shirt!

How to wear long t-shirt women?

Long (below the hips) t-shirt is good if it is not fitting: first, in the fashion of things “oversize”, and secondly, narrow, knit shirts and dresses t-shirts will decorate only the possessor of perfect slim figure. Feel free to choose the size long t-shirt that is more to your “native” size for 1-2.

And to make a “delicious” way, begin to Supplement the “hoodie” of different interesting stuff!

Let’s start with the “bottom”. Long t-shirt looks quite strange with a short “hem”, since it completely closed down – it looks like you absentmindedly forgot to wear something on my feet. However, there is one option, what to wear with long t-shirt is mini-shorts.

How to solve the problem that the shirt covers them? Try to fill one of its edge to shorts – how careless! Of course, this does not apply to very long dresses-t-shirts, but t-shirts length to the hips looks very interesting.

Universal down to the t-shirts of any length – of course, skinny jeans. “ToKnow365.top” no doubt that such a combination you have thought of yourself, but I want to give some ideas on the selection of accessories.

By itself, the combination of jeans and t-shirt is so banal that without accessories it’s not even a way – but just clothes to run to the nearest supermarket for bread. But should appear with some stylish add-ons like manner begins to play with new colors!

What can you wear with jeans and long shirt?

  • Short vest. Perhaps, wide open.
  • A cropped jacket.
  • Jewelry. You can wear long t-shirt with large, flashy jewelry! All sorts of bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants on long chains, necklaces – wear whatever you like! Most importantly, that the decorations match each other and were designed in a single stylistic key.
  • Either backpack or purse on a long strap. Handbags with short handles will not fit here. Option – ecosumo, textile bag sack.
  • Snood, scarf, shawl-arafatki, Palatine.
  • Hat or baseball cap.
  • Shoes – almost any, from chucks to wedge sandal. But still too elegant Shoe options (such as boats or “stilettos”) here it is better not to wear.

Instead of jeans can be legging is the issue of what to wear with long t-shirt in the summer. Add to that the sneakers or sneakers, a backpack – and you get sports and pleasure.

Skirt long t-shirt – a very dubious decision. But you can try to wear a summer Maxi or MIDI skirt with a t-shirt, align one edge of the shirt under the skirt.

What to wear with long t-shirt with slits?

If the shirt has side slits, it is to wear with summer shorts so that the shorts could be seen during walking and movement.

T-shirt dress long: what to wear?

This is a simple and stylish thing, which you can think of many a stylish look female!

Dress that does not require any “down” can be considered a t-shirt length 10 cm to the knee and long (right up to a full Maxi-length to ankle).

If you don’t like the shape “bag”, then pick t-shirt dress belt (wide or narrow – to suit your taste). Short denim jacket or vest is that you can wear over this dress. Shoes for this outfit – sneakers, ballet flats, shoes with tractor soles or the shoes of the type of Doc ‘ Martins.

What jewelry will match the dress-shirt? The most diverse, but of course you must choose on what do focus on open hand, studded with rings and/or bracelets, interesting earrings or ornaments on the neck?

For example, you can wear long white shirt with a pair of wide gold bracelets, pendant on a long thin chain and small earrings, and shoes and bag may be coloured.

The Board regarding any long sleeve t-shirt – try to think of details to the image based on it, choose interesting shoes and original handbags, wearing hats or hair accessories, experiment with jewelry, change the scarves! In General, only from your creative imagination depends on whether the long t-shirt sad “sack” or stylish thing in the wardrobe of a bright personality!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with long t-shirt?

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