What to wear with moccasins and loafers? Cool mix

Stud is great! But sooner or later there comes a time when need is not trendy “crutches,” and comfortable, high quality and multi-functional shoes. And then it’s time to take a classic Shoe like loafers or boots, loafers! And what to wear with moccasins – will tell women’s website sympaty.net.

What are moccasins and loafers?

Moccasin is shoes with thin flat soles with a characteristic outer seam on the edge of the toe part. The classic moccasin heel is closed, but there are models of the moccasin-Slippers with open heel.

Loafers – essentially, “close relatives” of the Shoe. They also have the seam on the toe part, the heel is always closed and the characteristic “sign of rock” — fringe or tassels.

Contrast moccasin – classic loafers have a more thick sole with a small heel (as in male footwear).

And in recent years began to produce women’s loafers and even high heel (5-7 cm), however, a sufficiently thick and stable, such loafers can be a wonderful alternative to the classic shoes then, when you have to move a lot and the shoes require more comfort with total elegance.

Initially and moccasins, and loafers were designed as men’s shoes. Now, this Shoe-unisex – while maintaining the classical design of the female models are usually color, finish and of course dimensions.

What trousers can I wear loafers?

Trousers, breeches and shorts – this is what moccasins and loafers are the most common. But not any product with legs can fit in these shoes!

The website “ToKnow365.top” offers the model of pants that will best fit moccasin:

  • Jeans. Jeans model – almost any: choose those jeans that sit better on your figure!
  • Bermuda shorts. They can be supplemented shirt or jacket – get a kit in the style of “Safari”.
  • Shorts arrow. And these shorts, combined with the moccasin – already a preppy!
  • Classic trousers with an arrow. Again, the reference to the preppy, but this is a more solid option will suit not only the student, but the business woman in office!
  • Capri pants or pants with a lapel. Again, the style of Safari, although if you move away from the classical gray-brown sand palette, drawing attention to the bright color combinations, can be much more unusual and original image!
  • Experimental option – trousers and moccasins with fringe. Additional the image of a plaid shirt or a t-shirt with ethnic print, tie neck scarf – get a extraordinary way with a hint of North American ethnics and cowboy style!

Can I wear moccasins with a skirt or dress?

When you start to think, what to wear with loafers or moccasins, “skirt” the decision doesn’t always come. Rather, I regularly meet on the streets ladies, which void sumnyashesya wear these shoes with skirts, but it looks so awful!..

What is the reason? The wrong selection of skirts!

The fact that the loafers and slip-ons by themselves imply a certain style of clothing. If they’re pink with flowers – no frills, birdies and other exciting femininity doesn’t work! Disappear also styles of skirts type “flared”, Maxi and MIDI, not suitable radical mini-skirt.

And what to wear this shoes?

  • Mid-length skirts with the smell.
  • “School” skirts, pleated to the knee
  • Denim skirts
  • Knitted or crocheted dresses-tunics
  • Dresses-cylinders (if suitable style, material…)
  • Denim sundresses (perhaps even short).

And wear loafers with these additions to the way socks, knitted stockings, leg warmers – it is also borrowing from a preppy. Although, I hope you’re not smart enough to wear loafer with open heel? It would be just awful!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with moccasins and loafers? Cool mix

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