What to wear with oversized coat?

Oversized-coat – thing is pretty weird, but somehow the international fashion periodically recalls this unusual decision: to wear a coat for women, which seem great to them a few sizes!

What is the solution for this popularity? Stylists and designers know the answer – such a spacious thing contrast emphasizes the delicacy and fragility of the female figure. But in order to look stylish, not silly, you need to have an excellent sense of proportion and know what to wear with oversized coat.

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Coat oversize: what to wear?

Coat “via size” (literally translated as “oversize”) to wear with a fitted or at least commensurate with you: two “oversizes” in the same way should not be.

What wardrobe items will help to create a stylish image:

  • Skinny jeans.
  • Jeans “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”.
  • Pants-chinos.
  • Leggings.
  • Pencil skirt.
  • A fitted mini or video.
  • Shorts with high waist.

The range of suitable footwear is also pleasing, from louboutins to leather shoes for men-oxfords, from botfort heels to the “espadrilles”…

Moreover, the shoes can make the contrast of clothes, coat-oversized, knitted knee-length skirt and wide-brimmed hat can be supplemented with boots on the tractor platform, and your image will be recognized as the most stylish!

Still, the oversize should be worn by people who have a certain sense of irony and self-irony – in fact 100% classic elegant look with this coat would be just old fashioned, and you need to be a little “joke” and play around with the selection of things!

Oversized coat: what to wear? Bow with the dress!

Here is the website sympaty.net can give you two the actual advice:

  • Wear it oversize with a short dress (tight-fitting, straight, a-line or balloon). Best of all – to not dress peeking out from under his coat. Therefore you open your knees and ankles and get the opportunity to focus on the beautiful shoes or the tights, socks, knee socks…
  • Combine oversize coat and slim MIDI dress or Maxi. Unusual? But that’s what these coats were worn in the twenties of the twentieth century with narrow dresses or skirts. Then it was absolutely new trend, and now the silhouette is happy to beat designers and famous fashionista! Of course, this image of the footwear on the heel.
  • How to combine the color coat with the colors of other things in the way?

    • What to wear with grey coat oversized? Grey top clothing is so versatile that it’s stupid to invent “contraindications”. Grey no one is “fat” and “Judith”, he comes to lighter and darker things and accessories, it is possible to add bright accents of any color… Besides, gray – not a dark color. It is quite strict, but unlike black, this color is perceived more relaxed, cozy…
    • What to wear with black coat oversized? In General, the black coat is so versatile classic that ruin the image of the wrong selection of colors is almost impossible. But you need to understand that the oversized cut is a big monolithic slick black color, and in some peculiarities of appearance and shape this coat will simply outshine you. If your color type appearance, for example, fair-haired and fair-skinned “spring” add to the image some bright accents: the overcoat brooch, scarf, bag on the long handle, etc., otherwise you risk to look “gray mouse” in dark coat… Full women this coat is also not recommended – for example, remember the “robes” of Alla Pugacheva, and you will understand why you need to think about some kind of “breakdown” a solid black.
    • What to wear with beige coat oversize? With any colors, such as bright and “dirty”. Beige, like grey, neutral – therefore everything is possible!

    • Bright oversized coat – what to combine it? With dark, gray, beige things, as well as with denim. Add in the way of the big things other bright colors are not oversized after all, is in itself very actively “working” the subject. But Supplement look small patches of the same color as the coat, is, for example, it can be jewelry, decor bags, any hair accessory, etc.
    • A coat of pastel shades suitable for white, grey, black things. You can try combinations of pastel coats (pink, blue, mint, etc.) with clothes and shoes in muted dark tones – terracotta, bottle, purple, dark-blue, etc.
    • What to wear with oversized coat in a cage? “Plaid” need to carry things with a plain black or grey color, and accessories to choose for the colors that are present in the cell (for example, red tartan with dark blue accessories, blue-green – mustard yellow, etc.). But if you don’t want to wear dark, wear under a coat jeans.

    As a final touch to any outfit with the coat “oversize” is jewelry. Here can go ahead — pick proportionate coat massive rings, big earrings, brooches overcoat or wide bracelets (unless a coat with cropped sleeves).

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    What to wear with oversized coat?

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