What to wear with pant suits women’s: photo examples

The simple and elegant costume, consisting of trousers and jacket, has earned the right to replenish the wardrobe of women of any profession and age.

Of course, it is ideal in a business setting, but it is necessary to make some details in the image and in a pant suit, you can go to a restaurant, shopping or to visit!

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Types of Trouser suits

Women’s Trouser suit is a jacket and trousers in the same style and of the same material. Occasionally you can see women of the “Troika” – when these two items added to the vest.

Wearing costumes borrowed from the classic men’s fashion, invited the ladies once Coco Chanel. But since Chanel was created a lot of styles and versions of the clothes that now not all ladies Trouser suit is a “carbon copy” of the male wardrobe.

Pants many times became very narrow, extremely broad, lengthened, almost covering the shoes, it was shortened to bridge, and the jackets have been fitted and oversized, with sleeves full length, and short…

Today in the market you can find everything, but the most common these types of costumes:

  • Classic. It includes a single breasted jacket with single-button closure, pants with an arrow (slightly tapered or straight, average width leg). The length of the leg, below the ankle (to top of heel shoes), if the pants are straight and exactly on the ankle if the pants tapered (such more often in the spring and summer models of suits).
  • “Oversize”: the top of such a suit would be more appropriate to call the jacket, because it simulates precisely cut nepridumannye blazer, the loose-fitting women’s figure, and the pants in this case, wide (straight or with slight expansion from the hip). This kit should give the impression of clothing with “shoulder boyfriend”.
  • In the style of “business casual”. In this category you can include all suits, in any way different cover from the strict classics – with breeches, Capri pants or culottes instead of the classic pants, jackets with jackets without lapels, no buttons or close buttons to the neck (like aceticum Chanel), with short sleeves or ¾ sleeves, etc.

What you can wear under the suit?

In fact, there are not so many options. “Taunt” is not to be pretentious and flashy, its task is simply to be worn under the jacket and not distract the viewer’s attention from the suit.

In fact the problem is “what to wear with pant suits” is solved as follows:

  • A classic shirt.
  • Classic blouse (with a collar stand, round neck, crew neck or boat with a shallow V-neck). Sometimes, if there is no purpose to create a very strict way, you can wear a blouse with a bow at the neck.
  • Chiffon or silk top.

Some girls are piously assured that the business jacket pant suit, you can wear just the underwear, if the top button is high enough that there was no reason for embarrassment. But it is not so: even if the jacket itself covers all that is necessary, wear it on your bra, bad taste, and is suitable only for Actresses in the role of secretaries in films classified as 18.

The maximum that is appropriate in everyday life – this body (of course, it should not be Lacy and do not the lingerie kind).

Is of great importance selection of color combinations in the way – too many shades or their irreconcilability of business style does not forgive…

  • If you have black pants suit, you can wear it with white or colored “hem”, but it is better to choose pastel or bright colors, not dark and “dirty”.
  • What to wear with blue pantsuit (as well as al, or another pure saturated color) – black or white “hem”. Instead of pure white, you can try to take a light pearl-gray or ecru.
  • Suits grey, brown, beige, pale blue or other muted pastel shades are good with colored tops and blouses – you can get not the strictest, but it is an interesting business image.
  • What can you wear white Trouser suit with black or colored things. No need to wear under it, Nude and other shades of the brown palette, also be careful with the “dirty” and pastel colors.

What shoes to wear pant suits?

Two opinions can not be – any Trouser suit should wear shoes with a heel! And shoes – no boots or ankle boots. If the suit and not the strict cut, then instead of shoes, so be it, can be sandals with a thin heel.

In some cases, if you want to beat the “male style” in the female image, choose the quality of the Shoe women’s brogues, oxfords or loafers. But it’s more like a little prank, and not on strict adherence to classic business dress code.

Accessories and decorations for Trouser suits

What else to wear pantsuits? It all depends on desired look and style. “ToKnow365.top” offers to think about such selection of accessories:

  • The image of the office is complemented by small earrings, watch and a clutch bag-envelope. If you want some jewelry – choose either a small metal brooch to the lapel of a jacket or bead pearls on the neck, or a thin chain with a tiny pendant (not cross!).
  • If you create a less restrictive way (“business-casual”), instead of the hours can be a bracelet (especially if the sleeve of the jacket is not full length), beads — several low trousers can be matched color waist-belt and clutch bag — hard leather bag with handle.
  • Style “thomba” (“a La male”) offers to enter in the image of the “typical male” accessories: a tie or a bow tie, a hat, a vest… But jewelry here is not particularly relevant, except modest earrings, if you are not used to leave the ears “empty”, and cufflinks for the sleeves.

In General, it is not too difficult to pick up, what to wear with a pantsuit, but it is very important to have a good sense of proportion and don’t overdo it with accessories!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with pant suits women’s: photo examples

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