What to wear with pleated skirt – mix

“Good day!!! Tell me, what will blend skirt pleated? Are unable to pick up the top… And what are the options top, except the top, you can pick up? Bought a skirt without thinking, and can’t what to build. Thank you! Alena.

Alain, the website “ToKnow365.top” will gladly tell you how and what to wear with pleated skirt – this is a very fashionable thing!

What kind of skirts are pleated?

Pleated – this is not the kind of fabric! It is a way of processing, as a result of which the matter becomes “garmoshkoy” structure — make the pleating and heavy fabrics, and chiffon… the denser and thicker the fabric the more folds!

The size of the folds and tissue density, respectively, and different styles of skirts-pleated.

The most popular models:

  • School girl skirt“. Skirt of thick fabric in a relatively large fold, with a length of 10-25 cm above the knee (i.e. mini). Usually has a detachable upper part-this belt for a better fit on the hips.
  • English” skirt“. Skirt to mid-knee with the smell, again from the solid matter. The smell of the fact that the wedges or “bell” will not work, disturbed the order of the folds on the skirt.
  • Pleated MIDI. The fabric is quite thin (chiffon or even Jersey), to avoid having to do the smell and at the same time to give the skirt a sufficient freedom for the convenience of walking (usually it is still flared or policles by the cut, but the pleating for these skirts make special – in a circle pattern).
  • Pleated-Maxi. Very thin and light fabric, fine pleating, “flared”. As worn on the hips or on the waist. A special kind of transparent pleated skirts, they are lined (bottom skirt) or full-length of the skirt, or knee length.

Is there any “contraindications” have any of these models?

With wide hips and full legs shouldn’t wear pleated skirt-mini, and the “English” cut is to choose is a bit longer than the classic – so that his knees were completely covered.

What to wear with pleated skirt?

The original selection of the options “top” — the most common problem when wearing a pleated skirt! Deciding what to wear with pleated skirt, repelled not so much from length, but from material.

The skirts of a dense opaque fabrics (wool, knitwear, etc.) can be worn with:

  • Shirt. A shirt you can tuck inside, or, if it is not very long to wear untucked.
  • Blouse. Very good light, delicate blouses, contrasting with the clean lines of the skirt pleated.
  • Crocheted or knitted things. Sweater, cardigan, sweater or turtleneck, combined with a pleated skirt to the knee – a very stylish combination for the cold season!

If you talk about light long pleated skirts, the priorities are slightly different:

  • Shirts, tops, t-shirts – better tight fit. Under the skirt they are not filled in!
  • Longsleeve (in other words, t-shirt with long sleeves).
  • Light blouse with short sleeves or without sleeves.
  • Corsets.

The maximum length of the “top” under a pleated skirt to mid-thigh. Good for such skirts and wide sashes (at the hips or on the waist – depends on the particular skirt).

Also, pleated skirts can be worn over shirts or blouses, cropped jackets, Bolero jacket, short fitted jackets, vests.

What shoes to choose for the pleated skirt?

Of course, what shoes to wear with a pleated skirt, depending on the model. And, of course, the heel is versatile!

Besides him, you can try:

  • “A La men’s” shoes to “English” the skirt provided enough slender legs.
  • Ballet flats – pleated slim skirts below the knee.
  • Sandals to the skirts of MIDI length, and in some cases mini. But Maxi is better to choose sandals.
  • Ankle boots for autumn / Maxi-skirts.
  • Boots with a high shaft – skirts-pleated length from MIDI to mini.

How to wash and iron a pleated skirt?

So, you already know how and what to wear with pleated skirt. However, certainly there will come a time when you need to wash them!

And to wash this skirt is simply wrong! There are a few cunning ways. All of them are designed for very delicate hand or machine wash in warmish water!

If you know what the folds are gone (most pleated skirts are impregnated with special compounds that are not washed out in the wash), then you need to fold the skirt along the roll length and put in a special bag for washing delicate materials (if not, then just in a nylon stocking), wash and dry it!

If you are not sure that the pleating will withstand washing, then arm yourself with a needle and white thread. You will need to sew all the folds: either every crease along the (along the length) or all folds across, parallel to the zone – the distance between the seams should be no more than 5-7 see

Yes, time consuming! I can calm only that such a procedure usually requiring only dense fabric with large pleats, i.e., pleats will not be very much. After drying all the threads is, of course, will have to flog back!

Now you know how to care for pleated skirt. And hopefully by the website sympaty.net the question “what to wear with pleated skirt” allowed!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with pleated skirt – mix

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