What to wear with powder color?

Want to restock your closet with something new, but I don’t know what color is now the height of fashion? “ToKnow365.top” advises you to pay attention to the powder, it is a very interesting shade! What to wear with powder – read on.

Powder, what color is it?

To start is to decide what is this mysterious powdery color? Because the powder can have numerous shades, from ivory to pinkish or brick, – which of them is the most “powdery”?

In General, the color definition also includes a certain palette of colors.

But still, bright tones of this scale have their own names – beige Nude. And powdery you can call any color ranging from dark beige to “coffee with milk”, but with the addition of warm colors, pink, peach, tan.

What colors in clothes goes well powdery?

Powder is slightly more intense color than a neutral Nude. But still, it’s a very delicate shade that is easy to suppress something bright and rich!

Best powdery look near the flowers:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Brown (from coffee to chocolate)
  • Dark blue
  • The azure or aquamarine
  • Blue
  • Dark green
  • Coral
  • Muted pink

If you do not try to beat it powdery color in the image and want to make it only a Supplement to more expressive things, the range of color combinations expands. Wear powdery color can be bright blue, fuchsia, raspberry, red, pale lemon, dark purple , etc.

For example, what to wear with a skirt powder color – blue blouse and shoes to match the blouse.

It is not suitable to powdery bright green, mint, orange, yellow, mustard, olive, and all the “neon” colors. Controversial color – lilac: you need to have a great taste to blend it with powder.

How to create an image in powdery color?

Interesting and stylish solution is to choose things for in a powdery color. It won’t look boring if things are really stylish and if they are little.

Powdery “cabbage” to do – right will select one or two things and a minimal amount of accessories. So it is possible to approach the question of what to wear with powdery dress, shoes and handbag of the same powder shade, decoration and image ready!

Instead of the dress can be well combined with each other, the skirt and top (or dress pants and blouse).

Suit (pant or skirt) powder color is a good decision, than to go to the office in the summer and spring. You can also create an elegant fall look in this color with a coat, boots or ankle boots and a classic handbag.

Cocktail, evening or even wedding outfit in powdery color is very pretty and fashionable! Play with textures – try to combine lace with sequin embroidery, chiffon draped with thick satin, etc. – such experiments will add a festive way to “spice”.

The metal, which is suitable to clothes powder color is gold (real or costume jewelry).

But there is one more stylish solution, what to wear with powder is… to combine several shades of powder in a single image! Of course, this requires extraordinary taste and sense of proportion, however, such a decision has the right to life.

For example, what to wear with powder pants – wear top is more pinkish color, and the shoes and bag lighter. In one way, will bring together jewelry (which will be attended by all involved in the way the shades).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with powder color?

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