What to wear with ripped jeans?

Jeans with purpose made holes, cuts, and fading are no longer a novelty in fashion.

But if earlier it was exclusively the attribute of youth, and now his preference for jeans and such give supporters a “civilized” style of clothing, and even lovers of glamour! How to wear ripped jeans – read on the “ToKnow365.top“.

What to wear with ripped jeans informal styles

Rock and punk – these trends in fashion, originating in youth subcultures, is simply unthinkable without tattered denim pants!

This garment is combined with informal jackets-black leather jackets, accessories with studs and spikes, heavy chains, t-shirts with images of the iconic bands and artists, chunky boots and other paraphernalia.

What model of jeans to choose to this way? Of course, skinny jeans, possibly with a high waist – like was in Vogue in the ‘ 80s, but fashion is back…

Styles such as hip hop, R’n’b or swag, too, did not disdain a pair of jeans with holes, but opted for another cut – fit wide-leg jeans with a low waist (e.g. Boyfriends).

What to wear with ripped jeans in styles, boho, hippie, ethno

If you like the aesthetics of these colorful and very variative styles (which, incidentally, is often mixed in a single image), ripped jeans – exactly the kind of thing that can “collect” heterogeneous objects in a single look.

Jeans with holes and abrasions good variety of shirts and tunics with embroidery in ethnic style with a fringe, bright prints and different, even the most insane finish.

Add a set of sandals with wedge or clog, Indian jewelry and eco-bags, and the image of a modern hippie is ready!

“Bohemian” girls appreciate the combination of ripped jeans with lace lace blouses and cardigans, with any knit “top,” etc.

Whether to wear ripped jeans with an elegant, ornate clothes and accessories?

If you really want something worth it! But the combination of jeans with holes and rich textures of silks, velvet, lace, fur, etc. requires very good taste and understanding on the intuitive level where the stylish fusion, and where the garish bad taste.

Let the “top” in your way will be the dressy thing I want to try to wear it with ripped jeans. For example, this silk blouse.

Add this image of neutral beige or black heels, choose elegant understated jewelry or small jewelry, as well as high-quality monochrome clutch bag. This is quite enough!

Another option – ripped boyfriend jeans, a simple solid top and velvet jacket. Shoes can be plain or suede, it is also possible flats in the color of the top.

In General, the rule is: if in the image there is at least one really elegant, graceful thing, it is not necessary to reduce the cost and outshine sparkle large cheap rhinestone, sequins, gold shoes, plastic jewelry and other kitsch. Quite a contrast with the torn jeans!

However, crystals with “fool’s gold” can be worn with ripped jeans, but then other clothing should be simple and not claiming the style of “high society”.

Jeans with holes and a casual style

Everyday casual-closet is also able to take in your company jeans with holes. But it is important to understand how relevant the item of clothing in each case – after all, not everywhere and not always you can come in torn jeans, even if they are perfectly combined with shirt, sweater, vest, coat or something else.

By the way, and hipsters love ripped jeans because they fit perfectly into the style artificially aged things, and will fit all typical hippie pieces – plaid shirts, coarse shoes, etc.

The website sympaty.net was glad to share with you ideas what to wear with ripped jeans!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with ripped jeans?

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