What to wear with shorts in the winter?

Of course, shorts don’t belong to the usual items of the winter wardrobe. But there are shorts that can well be adapted for wearing in the cold time of year and not freeze! What to wear with shorts in the winter – will tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

What to wear with black shorts in the winter?

Before we discuss the various options of winter look-s with shorts, the website sympaty.net wants to warn you against one mistake. Of course, in the autumn and winter season shorts worn over tights. So be careful in the selection of the length of the shorts and do not wear too short “jutting buttocks” model!

  • First, it looks vulgar: so short shorts are only appropriate at the beach or in an informal setting in the hot summer weather.
  • Second, others do not need to see the upper part of the tights (which are also often referred to as “shorts”).

Also, do not choose in the winter very low sitting shorts – open the belly in winter still inappropriate, and besides, there is a risk that below the shorts won’t peek out the top of tights.

Black shorts – a classic. They can be worn with tights of any color, including print and complete the ensemble with socks, gaiters and knitted stockings.

Shoes – from boots to jackboots! If you want to wear black shorts to work or study, then give preference to bodily or thick black tights and boots with high tops.

“Top” for a strict set of shorts a shirt and jacket: you get the classic look in black and white. More democratic option – a cardigan, short sweater.

What to wear with colored shorts in the winter?

Solid colored shorts can be worn with a flesh-colored or gray tights. Black opaque tights are appropriate with shorts saturated colors – Burgundy, dark green, purple, etc., but beige, pale blue and other bright shorts is not very suitable for wearing in winter.

Very stylish will look a combination of colored shorts and tights with imitation of stockings! Also you can safely wear under colored shorts and flesh colored tights, black leggings or high knee socks – they make the legs visually slimmer.

Shoes the color of the shorts may be black and brown and gray (but not the color, otherwise it will be too much!).
If you want to wear shorts with print (cell, “gangster” band, “crow’s foot”, etc.) – choose plain tights, plain top and shoes with a minimum of decoration.

Denim shorts in winter: what to wear?

Denim shorts is a good youth option what to wear in winter. To wear denim shorts in winter, you can knit clothing: sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, etc. To them perfect colored tights, knitted stockings, etc.

Be sure to try to wear tights with a pattern to denim shorts – this is a great option!

Shoes – almost any, with heel and without, black and brown (and maybe color!).

But it is worth remembering that denim shorts is really a very informal thing, and to afford it, especially in winter, can only young slender girls, and only outside of work/study.

What to wear with leather shorts in the winter?

Leather clothing – it’s all rather peculiar trend: it is not all love, and many do not know how to wear. Shorts leather should be complemented with a contrasting texture of material: for example, a large knitted sweater or jumper with Angora.

Sweatshirts from a dense knit also quite possible addition to denim shorts.

But high boots and leather shorts – overkill. Better to shoes boots or shoes, and wear these things with tights.

If you want to look in the winter in shorts more dressy, pay attention to models from velvet or heavy satin. These shorts go perfectly with suede boots and dressy blouses.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with shorts in the winter?

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