What to wear with swaroopch?

Fashion rarely treats us to some brand new notions, especially during the cold season. But this winter is an exception: in Vogue very unusual hats, ears imitating different animals, which are swaroski.

Without a doubt, the possessor of such a fun accessory to ignore is impossible! Only with what to wear such a scandalous thing?

Knows “ToKnow365.top“!

What are swaroski?

Once hats with ears were available exclusively for children’s fashion. But designers noticed that soft face framing fur cute animal ears are very becoming and adult girls!

And some good constructive decisions turned baby hat in stylish women’s accessory!

Classic Sorocaba in the winter is a fur hat with a very long (below the waist) and wide “ears”. Underside of the “ears” often there are pockets where you can warm your hands.

Rear sphereshape covers the back of the head and neck that provides protection from wind and frost in winter.

And of course – fancy ears! Triangular – mimic wolf, Fox, Arctic Fox, feline (depending on color of fur hats), and if the round ears is definitely a bear or a Panda bear!

The second type of cut – cap-hood connected to a scarf that snaps on the shoulders and a button closure under the neck to not fall. At the ends of the scarf can also be pockets for hands.

Plus of this variant – the hood can be removed, not removing the entire structure, but just throwing it back. These hats, of course, also rely lugs, and sometimes they are replaced by two fluffy fur pompom.

Sewn of swaroski most often made of fur. Moreover, you can find instances of real fur (usually rabbit), and artificial – artificial and cheaper, and allow you to flaunt sphereshape those girls who refused to wear fur for ethical and environmental reasons.

Fully fur with sharp ears of swaroski sometimes called valkosaari. Another type of hats – knit (tight binding of thick filaments), with elements of fur (around the face on pockets, ears…).

C than to wear swaroopch?

This headpiece is, of course, very shocking. Therefore it is difficult to figure out what to wear to not look is simply ridiculous and stupid.

In the preparation of the material on the website sympaty.net has been viewed a lot of photos from sites and communities engaged in the sale of sorozatok. And found a curious thing – promotional photos models almost never wear any outerwear!

Often there is a combination of hat+a sweater (sometimes a jumper, at least — turtleneck).

This allows maximum effectively to demonstrate the very sorochak, it becomes a key element of the image, and thus can not be practically incorrect version of the sweater under it!

With fur (though a natural, though man-made) any good binding, including pattern. So you can dress, for example, to the rink.

But still, in everyday life it’s not too practical – winter requires clothing. What can you recommend?

First, it is not necessary to wear two things at once fur – coats and coats to be excluded immediately. Especially disgusting looks when the fur is different in structure and color. But even if we manage to pick up sorochak and coat of the same fur cap “lost”.

In addition, simultaneously with swaroski not to wear the hood (fortunately, in most models of modern outerwear it is detachable). Also inappropriate lush fur collars.

What remains?

  • Coat and short coat.
  • Deflate (we already wrote, what it is and what to wear them).
  • Down jackets (short and long).
  • Leather jackets-leather jackets (pretty shocking, but in combination with volosami white, gray or black fur, with her hair – even sexy!).

Under swaroopch definitely don’t need no scarf. Most of the models suggest that, if necessary, to protect the neck from cold you can roll up a long “ears” of the hat.

But the sweater with a cowl neckline that would be great!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with swaroopch?

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