What to wear with sweater dress?

Cozy long sweater look totally different, if you have the courage to use it in the way the role of dresses! How to wear sweater dress – knows the original women’s site “ToKnow365.top“. I want to share with you our ideas!

What to wear with a long sweater-dress: pleasure look

With the help of sweater length is below the hips you can create multiple images in casual style. But you need to know a few rules:

  • If you decided to wear a sweater dress, no skirt under it will not work.
  • Wide leg pants also leave some other way.
  • The thicker threads and bulkier knit sweaters – the tighter must be the tights or leggings that you wear. With clear or thin black tights appropriate to wear sweater dress in a fine knit.
  • To slinky or straight dresses, the sweaters can be worn belt-gum, and oversize sweaters, of course, the belt is not worn.

So what to wear as a “bottom” to the long sweater?

Quite a lot of options: tights, leggings, skinny jeans or slim trousers.

Very nice to knit dresses, sweaters, thick tights: plain and with prints. On top of the tights you can wear leggings (with boots or ankle boots).

If you decide to wear it as a sweater dress with a length just below the hips, then it will be tights with imitation stockings – add to the image of ankle boots or heels or platform wedges.

Dresses-sweaters oversize is very informal shoes: boots “type of Doc’ Martins,” or “steals”, shoes with tractor soles, etc.

On top of a straight or a fitted sweater dress, you can wear a cardigan in the autumn of this set is quite warm, and jacket is not required. Add the urban backpack or bag with long handles, jewelry, scarf , and look for walks in the autumn the city is ready!

As outerwear is to consider a coat “oversize”, jacket-Park or duffle coat, or jacket, of course, choose according to the season and your preferences.

Elegant look with a printed sweater

If you want to achieve feminine “adult” way, the basis for it-a bodycon sweater dress.

Not visivite parts and accessories – the basis of true elegance is always brevity and a kind of “understatement”!

If you do not know what color to choose, take black bodycon sweater dress: it can definitely be considered a thing of the basic wardrobe for the period autumn-winter. At least, which is enough to create an image with such a dress: dress shoes, ankle boots or boots with heels, a clutch and a bit stylish expensive jewelry.

Pantyhose are better to wear long sweater dress – either transparent (“bodily”), or matte black (of course, if the shoes are also black). Don’t be tempted to take the pantyhose “tan” — it looks old-fashioned.

Another chic option, what to wear with a long sweater-dress is boots. Wear suede boots-thigh boots with heels, add their sweater, clutch and interesting jewelry will be rather trivial, but luxurious and elegant look!

Wear the sweater dress below the knee length is better with a heel (especially if dress in a loose silhouette), and you should not choose shoes with wide ankle boot (boots, boots, etc.). But you can put on narrow boots with high tops that will cover the top hem of the sweater dress.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with sweater dress?

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