What to wear with the choker?

Necklaces-chokers – probably the most memorable fashion trend of this year: not only what the fashionista has avoided the temptation to buy and try on this accessory.

If you also feel sympathy for cockeram, you should learn on the original women’s site “ToKnow365.top“, what to wear with a choker and how to pick it up at a certain image.

How to wear a choker?

Chalker – specific accessory, which, alas, visually makes the neck shorter. If you have short and full neck, you do not have to wear this thing. But the choker accentuates the chest area, especially if it is a deep cut!

How to wear a choker? Carefully picking up the neckline or collar clothing to him. True solutions for those who like chokers will be:

  • Deep cuts in all shapes (round, square and V-shaped).
  • The styles of “top” off the shoulder.
  • Things on the straps.
  • Corsets and corset bodices of dresses.
  • A classic shirt you can wear with a choker, not buttoning the top two buttons.

Of course, is to relate the style of clothing and style of the choker.

There are chokers punk openly – for example, spikes and studs: they are appropriate to wear clothes in the same direction. Chokers come in a wide, richly decorated with rhinestones, cabochons, ribbons, bead embroidery or other decorations – the options for elegant and formal look-s.

Universal considered minimalistic black chokers – but it is important to understand that the chalker should not look fundamentally “richer” or “poorer” clothes.

For example, a simple choker of fishing line is suitable only to the teen tops and t-shirts, but the choker velvet ribbon and rhinestone crystallized in the suspension will fit and quite a Mature and respectable way (for example, to the little black dress, cocktail type).

Color chalker is not obliged to repeat the color of clothes – black chokers can be worn to look am in any color, and colored chokers with a nice white, gray and black clothing.

What to wear with a lace choker?

Not with lace! Let the clothes in this manner is out of the ordinary, not lace material – even if it is a simple t-shirt, choker out of strips of lace will add an element of coquetry.

If still in the clothes somewhere, there are elements trim lace, it is at least approximately should be similar with the lace choker.

The idea from the website sympaty.net – choker of lace can be worn simultaneously with one or two thin chokers!

For example, lace strip + chocker chain + choker of lace with pendant. The main thing – objectively assess the compatibility of your specific chokers and not put on excess if you it looks good.

What can be worn choker: choose earrings and other jewelry

To cockeram don’t usually wear large earrings because the pile of jewelry so close to your face will look obvious bad taste. But modest small earrings is appropriate, for example:

  • Small clove ear studs set.
  • Earrings “Dior” (with two balls on opposite sides of the ear lobe).
  • Thin chain-link earrings
  • Earrings with a small pendant (for example, with the jewel-“droplet”).
  • Thin Hoop earrings are not very large diameter.

Earrings can be colored (suitable clothing, and a black choker, or the opposite – black, white or metallic earrings suitable for non-ferrous chalker. Of course, a universal combination of black choker and black pussyhow.

What you can wear a choker again? As an option – with a long chain with a pendant or a pendant or even multiple chains of different lengths.

Of course, don’t forget about the hands – safely pick up rings and/or bracelets. However, if you are wearing a wide choker-collar, do not wear wide bracelets-“wrist” tight to the wrist.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with the choker?

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