What to wear with timberlands?

Shoes by Timberland a good option for comfortable, quality and stylish shoes. Leather boots on a thick sole are so loved dear fashionistas all over the world that the name of the manufacturer was generally understood by the title of this models of shoes! Comfort of movement in these boots probably should evaluate you and the website “ToKnow365.top” I’ll tell you what to wear with timberlands!

What to wear with timberlands?

Timberlands is a perfect example of the shoes is unisex: women’s and men’s model these shoes are different, in fact, only dimensions.

The more interesting question: what clothes can a woman’s wardrobe to match these shoes? Is it possible to achieve interesting feminine images?

Let’s start with the most obvious solution to this issue: jeans!

Jeans, the timberlands are suitable for any type of figure – but much better look or a fitted skinny models, skinny or boyfriend with the cuffs. To complete the look is an oversized sweater, a loose camisole, tee or tunic.

How about dresses? In principle, it is possible to consider and such a way!

From Maxi length, of course, it is better to refuse, but dresses above the knee are good with such a deliberately unfeminine footwear. Try to wear with timberlands knitted or knitted dress, the tunic dress, possibly trapeze dress or tank.

Important is not so style as style, material, color…

The website sympaty.net offers two version of the image with the dress.

  • The first — of casual fully: for example, a sweater dress, opaque tights, a short leather jacket.
  • The second inspired by the ideas of designers and fashion bloggers to combine shoes unisex with light, airy fabrics and dresses (chiffon, guipure, fine knit, etc.).

How to communicate so alien to each other things? Help accessories and completes the look of things: short leather jacket, jewelry, handbag, scarf…

The main thing – do not overload this way colors and shades, a variety of styles and textures is enough!

Quite organically with the timbs look skirts (mini or mid-length). Under normal proportions of the body may be advisable to wear, for example, short pleated skirt is preppy. But the Maxi and the pencil will not fit.

What to wear timberlands in the winter: outerwear

The question that likely will have to decide, because timberlands are available both autumn and warm winter. Of course, such a shoes will not fit elegant coat, long coat , etc.

And what could be done?

  • Down jacket of almost any style (but not below the knee), ideally with jeans or Puccini skinny.
  • Park. The style kind of thing, a cross between a long jacket and coat, very good complement timberlands. Moreover, the Park can be worn over knitted or knit dresses or skirts.
  • Coat a-line.
  • Coat “oversize
  • Fur jacket. We are talking about “wrong” fur – colored fur, “shaggy” faux fur, etc. Elegant classic fur are unlikely to fit into the style of casual, which set the timberlands.
  • Leather or suede jacket in the color of the Shoe. But it is in color – if it matches the material to make the range of shades it is better to dilute the image of the other colors in other things!

Tights to shoes-timbs

Timberlands – the perfect occasion to wear thick tights!

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the color of the shoes in the selection of hue tights, but definitely worth experimenting with thick colored tights, maybe with a pattern.

If you have purchased the classic light beige pair of shoes-timbs, wear them with tights olive, maroon, brick, muted blue, purple or swamp green flowers and also white and even black.

Can interesting to look openwork knit tights pale shades grey, coffee with milk. There is no escape from classical Nude thin tights.

And that’s exactly what tights should not be worn with timbs: screaming bright colors, “mesh”, “guipure”.

Very good of such boots with the high socks, leggings, stockings (and in winter, all these accessories can be even knit)!

Accessories timbs

What to wear with boots-timbs of the accessories and additions to the way?

Let’s start with the bags (because the relationship of shoes and handbags has long been known!).

Timberlands is perfect if you like wearing backpacks or bags-“postulancy” over his shoulder. Good for youth stylish images also fabric “ekosumki” (they are now in fashion!).

And do not chase the minimalism is exactly the case when it may be appropriate duffel bag, not a clutch!

What else to wear with timberlands? Good knitted scarves, beanies and berets (of course, depends on the selected image, but in the style of timbs, these things will fit).

And remember that timberlands was originally intended as shoes for walking, Hiking, trekking, travel – for active lifestyle! Therefore, they combine the same comfortable and simple things: get rid of all the pompous, chilling, pretentious!.. And then people’s attention will not attract things to you, and you do what makes you comfortable and easy!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with timberlands?

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