What to wear with vertical stripes?

Striped print familiar to most of us, however, if things in transverse sailor striped long settled in our wardrobes, with vertical stripes had to deal not all.

About what rules to wear vertical stripes, you will tell the website “ToKnow365.top“.

Skirt vertical stripes: what to wear?

Skirt is the piece of clothing that looks very cool, being sewn from a striped fabric.

The best pattern for this skirt is “Tulip”: when vertical stripes are gathered at the waist and go down in breadth: it gives elegance to the silhouette, waist looks thinner and the legs slimmer, regardless of the length of the skirts.

Wear it with a fitted or tucked under the skirt “up”, to emphasize the waist and create an hourglass silhouette.

Pencil skirt in vertical stripes is very fitted through the hips and buttocks – you should use this effect for those girls who worried about the “flat butts” and “boyish” figure. It is also a good way to balance the silhouette for women with big Breasts, but relatively narrow hips.

The longer the pencil with vertical bands, the longer will look like the legs of a woman in a skirt.

Of course, to the pencil skirt you should wear a heel, and yet it is worth to emphasize her wide belt at the waist. “Top” can be both tight-fitting and free – most importantly, do not wear with a striped pencil dresses tunics and other closing this skirt options top — let this striking print is “working” at 100%!

By the way, the skirt in broad contrast stripes can be worn not only with solid things, and with small floral prints, lace and knitted textures, etc. – the main thing is to find a good color combination.

What to wear with the pants in vertical stripes?

Pants vertical striped print is a very “dangerous” item in the wardrobe: they can greatly spoil the impression of your feet! Vertical stripes accentuate all the extra pounds on the thighs, knees bulging, uneven legs and other problem areas…

The wider and contrasting stripes, and the narrower the trousers — the stronger this effect.

Therefore, narrow striped trousers to wear, just in case if you 100% like your legs! If not, choose slacks in the narrow “gangsta” stripes.

On top of the striped pants is a nice long cardigan or plain jacket.

Be sure to wear shoes with a heel if you don’t want to look like a clown in striped pants and the boots!

How to wear a dress in vertical stripes?

Gowns, sewn from fabric with a wide longitudinal stripe, have such a feature: if cut dresses or straight-line, this dress completely hides all the convexity and concavity of the female figure – the silhouette becomes graphically flat.

On the one hand, it can make use of those ladies who believe that “bulge” their figures are too remarkable – indeed, the extra pounds on the hips will instantly disappear, and the figure stretches, you should wear striped “trapeze”.

On the other hand, such a cut combined with a striped print might look like “bag”, especially on a thin girl.

Therefore, vertical stripe dress can and should complement some kind of clothes and accessories – a long jacket or cardigan, a scarf or tippet, beads or a necklace… it is Also possible to do away from straight line by pulling a gown with a belt at the waist.

But fitted dress in vertical stripes is definitely a very good thing for all body types! Due to the draping on the skirt and a competent cut of the bodice you will get the “hourglass” silhouette strips will be tightened at the waist and spread to the shoulders and the hem of her skirt. This dress is possible to select only suitable decoration, and it will be available, but you can wear them with short plain jacket.

The website “ToKnow365.top” advises to choose a dress where the cut is vertically combined with cut on the bias (i.e., for example, the same fabric creates vertical stripes on the skirt, and slant – on the bodice) — it always looks very impressive!

Shirt, top or blouse vertical stripes: what to wear?

If you have a shirt in vertical stripes – what to wear with it, so it won’t look “pajamas”?

  • First, it’s better not to wear trousers – tuck them into high-waisted pants or a pencil skirt.
  • Second, blouses and shirts in longitudinal stripes good with vests, jackets, and cardigans.

Another classic version of how to wear a vertical striped shirt under a solid sweater, so that was visible only the collar and cuffs.

Tops and t-shirts in vertical stripes interesting when supplemented with ruffles, custom features draping, etc. If cut is simple, do not forget about jewelry on neck and hands, to diversify the concise print of the top.

The black-and-white striped top you can wear a bright colored jacket and, for example, black pants image will be a stylish and very unusual!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with vertical stripes?

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