What to wear with wide-leg pants?

Love classic style but don’t want to look boring and strictly? Prefer comfortable clothes, but wish your look was elegant and feminine? This is solved – thanks to the wide trousers!

The loose cut of the pants is women with a different figure, so you should visit the website sympaty.net, what to wear with wide-leg trousers, and replenish your wardrobe.

What to wear with wide pants?

Of course, a lot of options! If the high-waisted pants, these options are “top”:

  • Blouses, which better fill inside. Beautiful silk blouse and heels is the most simple and stylish solution, what to wear with wide black pants! So you can go to a restaurant for a business meeting, on a date…
  • Shirt. If the shirt made of thin fabric, it is possible to fill the inside, and if from more dense (e.g. denim) – wear a shirt untucked. If you have white wide leg pants, what to wear with them – so it is with a colored shirt!

  • Short tops. The crop top is a good solution, what to wear with wide-leg trousers in the summer. On the website “ToKnow365.top” crop top in a separate article.

Wide-leg trousers with a low rise to wear with t-shirts, t-shirts, straight and tight tops, fitted blouses and shirts. But avoid spacious tunics and tops style “cylinder” two large things in the way get along poorly, and the fashion for such combinations has already passed.

If you run “top” under pants, it is possible to complement a narrow Trouser belt.

Also slacks that compliment the jackets and short, long, and slim, and straight…

If you want to wear a jacket, choose the short Spencer jacket or classic length to mid-thigh. Long jackets, vests and straight coat wide pants can afford only slim girls, otherwise there is a risk of “square” shape that it is unlikely that you will go.

Of course, as an upper garment to a pant suit short jacket.

But there is an interesting second option is a long coat with belt: wide-leg pants and heels it will lend a classic feminine look! But jackets, jackets parkas, jackets, coats to the knee and straight long coats with wide trousers to wear not worth it.

What to wear with cropped wide-leg trousers?

Wide leg pants incomplete length is culottes, and we have written about them on the website “ToKnow365.top“.

What to wear with wide-leg pants or culottes? With straight-fitting, or “riding”, and with heels or wedges, otherwise wide MIDI trousers will visually shorten the leg and extend the thigh.

Although girls with skinny legs can take advantage of this effect and to wear pants that length with a flat platform or flat sole (ballet flats, sneakers, and in summer, even with sandals).

What better shoes to wear with wide-leg pants?

The best solution heel. Especially if you have wide hips and short stature. With thin “hairpin” might be better than a thick heel or platform – there is no extra cost to the “heavier” legs.

What should be the ratio of the length of the leg and the height of the heel? When buying slacks pick such a length that the leg is covered the ankle and the heel (to base of heel).

But if you are used to very high heels (12 cm or more), you can take the pants even longer – so that the heel top is also slightly cover the leg.

If shoes heel is not for you, you can wear wide-leg cut pants with ballet flats or women’s oxfords – then the leg should cover the ankle and upper part of the heel, but does not touch the ground.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with wide-leg pants?

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