What to wear with women’s jacket?

The jacket – thing which has long been considered a “unisex”: that is present in the male and in the female wardrobe. What to wear with blazer for women, not to lose the charm of their way to emphasize the elegance? Read the recommendations of the women’s website “ToKnow365.top“!

What to wear under the jacket?

In this regard there is a well-known classical solution, but you can also use more original ideas!

So, what to wear with womens jacket – a universal approach:

  • Shirt, sweatshirt. Collar while peeking out from under the jacket
  • Blouse with stand-up collar
  • Top or t-shirt with deep or medium neck (but in any case such that a triangle top could be seen under the jacket)
  • A top or blouse with a neckline”cupped” (well looks like the fully buttoned and wearing a wide open jacket)
  • Turtleneck

On color combinations recommendations of the site sympaty.net to any colored jacket suit white or black, either color, a few shades lighter or darker than the jacket.

Of course, this is not a strict rule, you can combine the shades in the image is much bolder, but these options – classic, which is guided in the selection of serious business images, for example. Or in those cases where a fresh solution quite well, doesn’t want to come into my head!

What to wear under a jacket women when you want some interesting diversity, raisins?

  • Top or t-shirt with sequins. Of course, such a sparkling jacket over things should be just plain and matte fabrics! An interesting combination of silver sequins+bright jacket, or colored sequins+white jacket.
  • The jacket and the shirt under the jacket. So you can create an image in the style of “a La gentleman” — white shirt, black vest, jacket unbuttoned, and wide leg pants with an arrow.
  • Transparent blouse-grid. Here you need to be very careful and to show their sense of taste. Bright colored “grid”, for example, a very vulgar and inappropriate look with a classic jacket in cool shades. But the black “mesh” under black jacket is already possible to try.

And jackets sometimes worn without “undergarments” on the bra. I can afford only if the neckline of the jacket below the middle of the chest, and the jacket form-fitting and not elongated.

And of course, you need to try and look at yourself in the mirror – for ladies with very big bust this may be too bold a decision.

What is the “bottom” will fit the jacket?

What to wear with blazer for women, to create a harmonious way? It can be both pants and skirt!

The General principle for skirts – the thicker and shorter the skirt, the shorter the jacket. Maxi worn as a long (just below mid-thigh) and short jackets. Mini any casual ( talking about skirts above the knee) – only models with short jackets. “Pencils” can allow coats of different lengths.

Pants under a jacket can be almost any. Under all models of jackets are skinny jeans, pants-skinny, cropped trousers-chinos, formal trousers arrow (standard or wide). Also a good idea to wear with women’s shorts, jacket (if the jacket is bright, relaxed – and denim shorts!).

Another decision, from what to wear women’s blazer – dress.

Classic combinations, of course, belong to the dress-boxes and such figure-hugging dresses length to the middle of the knee. But that’s not all!

Very nice look long dresses with jackets! Moreover, some celebrities like deliberately contrasting combination of strict dark jacket with air-light chiffon dress – jacket looks as if thrown carelessly, with “shoulder boyfriend”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with women’s jacket?

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