What to wear with women’s shoes?

Shoes – shoes for creative girls who are ready to abandon the bored glamour (but not from the search of the “I” in an external manner!), for those who like walking and appreciate comfort when driving. Luckily, shoes are in fashion – not for the first season, and I think they did not plan to leave the catwalks, lookbooks and streets of cities around the world!

What to wear with women’s shoes – tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

C what to wear coarse boots?

Rough shoes informal style on a slender female legs look very cool! What to wear shoes type of Doc ‘ Martins, “steals” or timberlands?

  • Of course, with jeans. Both with narrow and with boyfriend jeans.
  • With short skirt and tights.
  • Short knitted or knitted dress.
  • With shorts.

If you have purchased winter boots – what to wear with them?

The basic rule – shoes are not shoes at the thin corporal pantyhose. If you want to wear boots with shorts, short skirt or dress, sweater, pair these things with thick tights (possibly knitted), and boldly add to the image of socks and stockings.

Don’t like tall socks – put on warm knitted socks and let the rim of the sock to peek out from under the Shoe for 3-4 cm: it’s very stylish!

But there are certain types of shoes, which in principle should not be worn with normal city closet is a sports and tourist model. They are good to go for practicing winter sports, in conjunction with the appropriate sports clothes, but in everyday life they look inappropriate.

Patent leather shoes: what to wear?

Patent leather shoes (female, of course) – very interesting shoes. They can be worn with many things – they create contrast and texture. For example, they are good with a dense opaque black stockings (or tights with imitation stockings).

It is also an interesting option shoes that you can wear with colored chinos and Capri.

And loves to experiment with style can try to wear lacquered shoes, chiffon skirt, MIDI length and complement the image, for example, short denim jacket and patent clutch.

Boots suede womens: what to wear?

Suede give the image a special warmth and comfort! Their well worn with knitted things with denim, cotton and soft cotton Jersey.

Suede boots, classic jeans, colored sweater or shirt , and comfortable versatile way ready!

In addition, the suede shoes without a heel well with winter skirts (any length, except Maxi).

What to wear with Chelsea boots?

Women’s “Chelsea” is a shoes without lacing, with the special elastic insert on the side, on a low flat heel. Wear them in two ways:

  • Short “up” (shorts, mini skirt, short dress)
  • With cropped pants or rolled up above the ankle jeans.

In “Chelsea” can not fill any pants, but to cover them with wide-leg is not worth it.

What to wear with oxfords (for women)?

Oxfords, loafers and moccasins is shoes that once were men. Now such “a La masculine” shoes are available for women and different women of a larger range of colors.

What to wear? First, such a simple, but strict shoes well suited to the style “business casual”: to direct and pleated skirts to the knee, to the classic pants, and also trousers-chinos.

Bright and light shoes can be an alternative to flats in the warmer time of year, it is possible to wear with summer skirts and dresses!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear with women’s shoes?

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