What to wear women’s brogues: shoes, boots, platform

One of the most successful cases of “conversion” shoes for men in women is brogue.

Probably a splash of fashion to these boots due to the fact that they are quite strict and classical in form, but it is a little experiment with colors, decor, thick soles with a stiff-strict shoes it turns out the youth, with a touch of informality and creativity! What to wear women’s brogues, visit the website “ToKnow365.top“.

What kind of shoes is called brogame?

This leather shoes lace up, with stitched sole and a small flat heel (however, the modern women’s brogues is a solid flat platform instead of the heel). But a distinctive feature that makes brogues brogame is holes-perforation along the lines of junction of the parts of the pattern (its called – “proveravanje”).

“Oxfords”, “monkey”, “Chelsea”, “loafers” are all variations of the brogues, differing in small structural features. Then start the design fictions: in addition to the classic brown color, this Shoe can be all shades of the rainbow, frosted or lacquered with a glossy coating of “metallic” with any print or decoration.

What clothes to wear shoes-brogues?

Shoes-unisex offers two solutions about the selection of clothes: either create the image as “unisex”, the blueprint sets a man’s wardrobe, or to play on the contrast of the shoes and feminine look-a.

So, from what to wear women’s shoes-brogues, if you want to beat it “asexual” style?

  • The image of “the London dandy”: the classic cut trousers, ankle-length, shirt, straight coat or cloak, vest or women’s blazer, satchel.
  • Set “shoulder boyfriend” jeans with podvorotni (Boyfriends – the best option!), plaid shirt over her sweatshirt.
  • The image in the style of “Tomba” — plaid pants, a shirt and jumper over it, a tie or a butterfly.

But the options for feminine outfits that goes well with brogame:

  • “Student”: MIDI skirt, cashmere jumper, blouse with collar.
  • Look in the style of Twiggy: a-line dress made of thick fabric type tweed, brogues and a small bag on a long handle.
  • Image for office: black “pencil” or a short video of a mini with a high waist, a blouse or top with sleeves, envelope clutch.
  • “Naughty girl” colored brogues, colored solid tights, video mini, tucked in her shirt.

What better to wear women’s brogues in the fall?

Outerwear, which is good with brogame:

  • Coat. Look for “the trapezium”, a short straight coat and “cocoons”. In General, you can even find matching shoes-brogame coat with a belt or fitted silhouette, but it is important that it is rigorous and concise! Outerwear with fur collars, fine embroidery and other “magpie” decor! Also don’t carry brogame long coat.
  • Jackets. Here there are almost no restrictions (except that it is not necessary to wear to severe autumn boots semi-sports jacket or windbreaker). But leather, suede, woolen jackets, jackets, jackets and parkas is what you need!
  • Raincoat-trench coat brogame is a combination of that site sympaty.net recommends as stylish, but the strict way in the early autumn and late spring – so you can go to work or school.

Important point – don’t wear brogues with socks and socks, and even tights under them – bad! If it’s cool, and you wear a skirt or dress, then choose a thick colored tights. And this is an option for young and prone to “hooliganism stylish” ladies.

Wearable womens brogues platform

Recently become fashionable brogues platforms-otuzco have their own characteristics in the selection of clothing to them. This is your body type: women with skinny legs shouldn’t wear a “heavy” Shoe with a mini (but narrow chinos or boyfriend jeans are just the place).

If your legs don’t look “match”, then you can safely wear these shoes with short straight dresses, tight jeans, mini skirts cut “a-line” or even “the sun”.

But whatever your figure, never wear brogues on the platform with wide trousers and breeches!

Fashionistas should be happy that all versions of the images with the female brogame is normal everyday clothes: you don’t have to obegat shops in search of something the latest trend and extravagant “by the brogues,” because half the things out of your closet already suited to this type of Shoe!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What to wear women’s brogues: shoes, boots, platform

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