What to write in a guy like

Write first – a taboo? Not at all! You don’t like to feel only the “goods on display”? Ready to Dating with men that you like? You categorically do not agree to wait for “the one,” deign to write to you himself?

So, it’s time to learn original women’s website “ToKnow365.top” what to write to the guy!

As the first to write a guy like that?

Let’s start with this situation – what to write, if I liked the guy in the social network or Dating site and would you like to start communicating with this person to get to know him better.

On the one hand, it seems more of a challenge – you don’t know, you really don’t know what “hook” that man… But what you don’t know and see each other in real life, allows you to act much bolder!

  • First, on the Internet you have time to think about your remarks – you will in any case free from awkward pauses, and even if the dialogue literally with his first answer went wrong – you can simply not correspond on, and to go and view the accounts of other interesting young people!
  • Second, in the virtual world has an unwritten rule – if someone says someone is a stranger of the opposite sex (of course except business, etc. sentences), it will be interpreted so that the purpose of the correspondence, romantic acquaintance. Simply put, whatever you wrote to the guy who liked the content almost doesn’t matter, the important fact.
  • Don’t be afraid to be the first to write guys like that.

    Believe me, a common myth of the “decent girls don’t write the first” women’s authorship and support of this theory usually only do “good girls”!

    No man will despise the girl who wrote to him myself. On the contrary, it’s a little plus in your favor – you’re not susceptible to social stereotypes, have sufficient courage, you are open and communicative person.

    Moreover, the guy will be hard to say no communication, because he feels flattered you chose it, did you notice him!

    So you can write the guy you like?

    Important point: it is necessary to clearly distinguish between two kinds of virtual Dating – social networking and Dating sites. Despite the similar principle of operation of the interactive websites (personal accounts, people search for the set of parameters, the possibility of correspondence), the “don’ts” on Dating sites and social networks is a little different.

    In social networks people have pages with different purposes – communicate with your friends and acquaintances, reading the various pages and news, various creative and commercial projects, etc.

    With Dating sites it’s much easier – anyone who puts in there profile, is a priori perceived as a man looking for a partner/a partner on this Dating site.

    Accordingly, to behave in these desirable resources in different ways.

    What to write boyfriend who liked on a Dating site? For girls it is legal and acceptable to write just “Hello”. It to anything does not obligate you – you just drew attention to themselves.

    Hereinafter, the initiative is still the man! If your form he likes, it’s his mindset that the answer to your “Hello” write a compliment, ask a question or otherwise engage in dialogue. Now, if the guy got off the counter “Hello”, then we should suspect that either you never liked him, he is lazy to come up with something “catchy” to start chatting or he is generally lazy and stupid and will always find that women will themselves to know him and his interest.

    But what if you don’t like platitudes, and I want to start Dating once more extraordinary, precisely to draw attention to themselves among the several dozen “privatkunden” from other girls?

    Etiket Dating sites completely solves questions “in a forehead”, for example:

    • Hi, I want to find on this website? I would be interested to talk with you.
    • You have in your profile said you like music – do you play some musical instrument?
    • Hi, saw your photo on the coast is Crete? I, too, was there, very beautiful place.

    In General, before you write the guy, learn his account – be sure to find some theme with which you can start a conversation. Relevant questions about Hobbies and interests, and about school (but not on!).

    If the page has a lot of information devoted to a certain topic (for example, pictures of bikes, or photos from the concerts of famous artists, etc.) – so this guy gladly talk on this subject. Do not pretend to be an expert – to experience enough any question from “teapot”!

    In the end, do not forget – the important thing is not the content of the question, and the fact that a pretty girl says something…

    Now let’s talk about how to write the first guy who liked the social network.

    It is not always clear whether the purpose of stay of a particular person in a social network the goal is romantic Dating. Therefore, a concise “Hello” is not suitable – people may simply not understand what it wants from a strange woman, not to answer or even to mark a message as spam. To hint a guy that you like him, and you configured it on a romantic acquaintance, you might write, for example, so: “hi, I would be interested to talk with you if you want.”

    Please look at “the wall”, biographical data and photos there can be a lot of “clues” with which to begin the conversation!

    If there are any more posts or notes – it’s all “jackpot”! Then you can easily write that you are interested in a particular text – for example, “hi, saw your poem very much, especially recently, about the autumn…”, or “Hey, you wrote a post about the features of instinctual behavior in higher primates, but I would not agree with that idea…”.

    In short, start talking about what really could and would like to talk.

    In General, the social network is more like real communication than a Dating site. It is not excluded that your communication will not immediately be flirting or “wired” to the real meeting. If you show yourself in the first “session” correspondence interesting to talk to, it may well be that others will follow the conversations of correspondence, and not by your initiative.

    What can I write to my friend the guy that you like?

    You know in real life, but you would like to write something to the guy?

    Of course, the situations are different, much depends on the circumstances under which you met, do communication, etc.
    If we are talking about a “nodding” acquaintance with which you added in “friends” (and almost no matter is recent or long ago), the strategy is virtually indistinguishable from that kind of cost to apply with a complete stranger in the social network.

    Can I ask something about a post on “the wall”, or about the photos, etc. it is Difficult to think of anything to say to the guy? Examples from the “Beautiful and Successful”:

    • Hi, saw your new pictures, you visited Greece? What’s the name of the Church, against which you photographed? I think you had a great stay!
    • Hey, remember me, we met at this training. Sometimes I read your posts – you’re fun to read, something to think about)) Here you have some interesting text about primates, but I slightly disagree here with the fact…

    Good option as to write to the guy to congratulate him on his holiday.

    Greetings should be as the author, without any cards from the “applications”, and only in a private message. If in the near future is not expected of any “serious” occasion like his birthday or New Year, then you can Google some unusual date and come up with unbanal congratulation (for example, November 9 – the day of the fall of the Berlin wall, you can wish “that people would never come up no walls, and all were United by Love and Friendship!”).

    Do not write to the guy?

    But of course, there are a whole set of issues-a taboo that will inspire any guy you distrust your person literally from the first message! What not to write a guy like that?

    • Questions about the job. If he deems it necessary to tell something tells itself. Any question about the occupation from an unknown or unfamiliar girl feel like she almost immediately evaluates the potential thickness of the purse men. Don’t want to look like a “gold digger” — put questions about work and finances as possible on a little longer!
    • Questions about the belongings, clothes, his car and other material values. Even if his page is littered with pics in the car and near the car, even if he put it on the avatar your photo with the watch rolex closeup! Of course, you have the right to note (on this he calculates, in General), but to write the guy, first message “Hello, you have a nice car!” — a sure way to fall into the category of “hunters for the rich Pinocchio”.
    • Compliment the appearance. The first message “hi, you’re cute” can afford except that a fifteen-year-olds. If it writes a big girl, either she is nothing but appearance to men do not want to see (but for guys it’s a shame to fall into the category of “cute toys”), or her interest to the primitive purely carnal relationship in which no place of intellectual conversation. Of course, the man may reply to this message, but it is unlikely he will perceive started thus familiarity as something serious.
    • The obvious question, “nothing”. This is the infamous “hi, how are you doing?” and, “what’s interesting?”, and “tell me something”… Put yourself in the guy to come up with interesting witty answers to such questions are not so easy, especially if it asks a completely foreign stranger! Is the beginning of a dialogue – heavy, clumsy and awkward…

    Now you know how and what to write to the guy!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    What to write in a guy like

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