What useful exercises, tsangpa?

The website “ToKnow365.top” supports its readers in all that relates to harmony and attractiveness. Some women prefer dieting, others regularly visit the gym.

But the extra weight is a problem of the entire body and it should be addressed comprehensively, ideally, combining healthy eating, physical activity and breathing exercises.

Appropriate breathing techniques are many, but gymnastics, tsangpa is one of the most honorable places.

What is gymnastics, tsangpa

Breathing practice, tsangpa originates in China. And thanks to her the people of the East retain excellent health until old age.

Chinese gymnastics, tsangpa starts sleeping processes within the organism, improves the metabolism and significantly strengthens the immunity of the person. It relieves fatigue, promotes a rush of new energy, significantly improves mood.

In addition, thanks to tsangpa it’s easy to lose unwanted pounds. The first result will become visible on the third day after the start of classes, and in a few months you can lose up to 12 kg.

By itself, the gym for weight loss, tsangpa absolutely not complicated.

It is based on three simple exercises to perform which can each. These exercises not only greatly improve the physical form, but also have a positive impact on the inner world of man.

A set of exercises, tsangpa

Breathing exercises, tsangpa is based on three very simple exercises specifically aimed at weight loss. It reduces appetite, normalizes metabolism, allow you to feel inflow of new forces. To resort to them at any time.

All that is required is just a place to practice and comfortable clothes that won’t constrict movement.

Exercise “Wave”

This exercise helps to take control of your appetite. It is better to perform on an empty stomach. Lie down on a flat surface, bend your knees and press your feet into the floor. Take a deep breath, pulling in the abdomen and chest up. After a moment of holding the breath and slowly exhale. Exhaling, the chest should be drawn, but on the contrary the belly to inflate.

Exercises for breathing, tsangpa does recommend the exercise “the Wave” to monitor compliance with the respiratory rhythm.

Exercise “Frog”

This exercise helps to calm and restore the nervous system. Possibly conveniently sit on a low stool, elbows abut in your knees and squeeze your left hand into a fist. Press your head firmly clasped his hand, cover your eyelids and try to calm down. Alternately breathe in the mouth, the nose. Try to breathe solely stomach, breathing deeply and holding for a few moments breath before exhaling.

Recommended to give this exercise about 15 minutes. If you wish, and have free time to return to it several times a day.

Exercise “Lotus”

This exercise, which involves breathing exercises for weight loss, tsangpa, is designed to reduce fatigue. In addition, it speeds up metabolism and contributes to the normalization of metabolism. For this exercise or sit on a low chair or if possible cross your legs in Lotus position. Hands should rest on her lap races-covered palms up. Your back should be kept straight, eyes covered.

The exercise consists of three stages. The first takes five minutes and involves a deep, thoughtful breath. It is important to keep track of your breaths, be aware of each of them. The next five minutes you need to spend as much relaxed as possible. Breathing naturally, silent. The third stage is the longest — it takes ten minutes and during this time you need not to think about breathing and just calm down and relax.

Reviews about the gym, tsangpa

It is easy to understand if you are suitable for gymnastics, tsaneva — reviews of those people who have time to try it for yourself, will help finally make their opinion about it. The website sympaty.net offers you to get acquainted with some of them.

  • At first I was skeptical to breathing techniques. But still decided to try it. A month thin three kilograms. And that was when my lifestyle completely changed. It’s hard to believe, but the breathing technique works. Irina, 32 years
  • Decided to do breathing exercises, tsangpa after birth. But in order to achieve maximum results, approached the issue comprehensively – village on a diet, bought a gym membership. All those extra 18 pounds that I have been gone for 2 months. I am very pleased. Natalia, 25 years
  • The idea of breathing has always fascinated me. And of all the methods was most attracted to it, tsangpa as the old and proven. Do it regularly for two years, during this time, the issues of excess weight I was not even bothered. But most importantly, after each session feel like a completely different person — refreshed, happy and full of energy. Catherine, 44 years

Thus, the Chinese respiratory gymnastics, tsangpa rightly takes pride of place among the other breathing techniques aimed at weight loss. She managed to prove its effectiveness and not in vain has become increasingly popular. And try it everyone can.

The author — Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

What useful exercises, tsangpa?

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