What useful mask of coffee for body?

About the use of coffee in home cosmetics “ToKnow365.top” wrote more than once, because this product may give courage not only mind and body but also the skin. Today we will talk about aromatic and tonic tool called “mask of coffee for body“. We have collected a few recipes of masks based on coffee, useful advice on choosing ingredients and methods of applying a mask for maximum effect.

Beauty benefits of coffee

Coffee is added to cosmetics is not a coincidence and is not only to impart a pleasant aroma. Caffeine has a tonic and anti-inflammatory propertiesand also serves as UV filter and improves skin elasticity.

“Brazilian miracle” is a natural and very powerful antioxidantwhich is great way preserves the youthfulness of the skin. “Black gold” strengthens blood vessels, eliminates swelling and improves metabolism in the cells. In addition, after prolonged use of coffee can give the skin a pleasant effect of light tan.

It should be clarified that for the mask of coffee for the face or body you should use only natural ground product, but not the drink. For the scrub you can take the grounds left after brewing (prepare coffee without sugar), but for more effective masks is better to take a full-bodied dry powder.

The most simple, but no less effective use of masks – it’s coffee, blended to a pulp with hot water. Apply it all over the body pomassirovti problem areas, wash away with warm water after about 15 minutes. Particularly “flashy” areas with applied coffee grounds Sympaty.net recommends wrap with cling film. Then put on warm clothes or lie down under a blanket.

After half an hour wash off the mask under warm shower.

The mask of coffee for body tone can also safely add

  • cream
  • essential oil of tea tree
  • sour cream
  • steamed flakes “Hercules”
  • cinnamon.

Several options of masks the coffee for elastic skin

  • For extremely dry skin is well suited for coffee grounds, mixed with curd in the ratio of 50:50. The product should be rubbed into the skin and leave for about quarter of an hour. If the skin peels off, add to this mix a tablespoon of olive oil and egg yolk.
  • Added the coffee grounds , finely ground walnuts give skin vitality.
  • Gently cleanse the skin and nourish it with nutrients mask made with two tablespoons of grinded coffee and the pulp of one banana.
  • The effect of tightening and refreshing the skin will give a mask made with coffee and finely grated apples. Put her on long term care areas and actively massageri.
  • Mask, coffee anti-cellulite treatment for body

    Caffeine, actively penetrating through the pores, has a powerful fat-burning property, so to fight cellulite it is quite effective. For best results, cosmetologists recommend to combine coffee grounds with the same powerful “killer cellulite”.

    Honey rejuvenates the skin, normalizes fat and water-salt metabolism in cells, tones the skin and improves elasticity. Mask of coffee and honey for body take two tablespoons of ground coffee and brew with boiling water. When coffee has cooled, strain and the thick, mix with a tablespoon of liquid honey. The mixture apply on problem areas and massageri about three minutes, then for 10 minutes you leave the mask on the body.

    This mask gives the body a pleasant aroma, stimulates microcirculation, nourishes the cells with nutrients, reduces swelling and produces a lifting effect.

    Another effective remedy for cellulite – blue clay.

    In the composition of the coffee masks the substance restores the metabolic processes in cells, removes fluid and anti-inflammatory effect. Two tablespoons of coffee grounds mix with the same amount of clay and Razavi to a pulp of mineral water. Massage problem areas and leave for 15 minutes, rinse under a warm shower.

    Safely take the coffee money with you to the bath or sauna, because the mask of coffee for body most effectively “works” for steamed and thoroughly cleansed skin. If coffee gave you a light bronze shade, don’t forget to do a mask for the face – that’s the difference between “tan” and white skin wasn’t too noticeable.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

    What useful mask of coffee for body?

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