What useful mask with mint for the face?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” today will tell what useful mask with mint for face, how to prepare it in different variations and with what components it is better to combine this wonderful product.

Refreshing, pleasant-smelling plant known for its soothing properties. In cosmetics the extract of peppermint is used in products for the face and around the eye area.

We will recommend you some recipes for masks that are useful for the skin.

Mint contains small amounts of female hormones, thus having a positive effect not only on reproductive function, but also the condition of the skin. It also contains menthol – a substance, which is widely used mint in cosmetics: face masks, light gels, tonics, lipsticks and accessories.

As mint acts on the skin:

  • reduces the activity of sebaceous glands
  • tightens pores
  • soothes
  • toxins
  • eliminates inflammation
  • very refreshing and soothing after a sunburn
  • increases blood circulation
  • removes excess fluid

Mint contains vitamin C – an antioxidant that strengthens blood vessels, and vitamin B9, anti-aging and is involved in the creation of new cells. If you are allergic to menthol, be sure to buy peppermint oil – face mask with this ingredient will be concentrated more effectively.

In the summer it is better to use fresh leaves.

Sympaty.net recommends that you stock up on them during the season (to do it better in June and July, when the plant is not yet flowering) and freeze, or to get a nice Bush right on the windowsill.

Refreshes and tones

The most simple use of mint is that ice cubes of mint broth. You can take the dried leaves (a few tablespoons), boil two cups of boiling water. Let stand for about an hour and pour into ice cube trays. The best time to cryoprocedure is in the morning after washing.

Another easy way to quickly give the face freshness is to mix in a blender, a bunch of parsley bunch of mint, juice of half a lemon, and then add to the mixture a spoonful of water. If there are no fresh leaves, you can prepare a face mask with essential oil of peppermint – it is just 15 minutes will refresh the eye area (apply it carefully so the mixture does not hit the eyes!).

Gruel, you can also moisten a piece of gauze, which made holes for eyes and mouth and apply on face for 15-20 minutes. If the skin peels off, add to mask something greasy – spoon sour cream, cottage cheese or cream. If you need superoxidase effect, then add some grated cucumber and a spoon of fresh Apple juice.

Face mask: rose, mint and chamomile

This combination of ingredients is available in the popular product for the face of a famous cosmetic brand, and we will try to recreate it at home:

  • steep chamomile infusion (two tablespoons in half a Cup of water, bring to boil and let stand for half an hour)
  • the pulp of mint leaves (depending on how much you will need for application to the face)
  • rose essential oil (2-3 drops)

The slurry was spread with a spoon of chamomile decoction and add essential oil.

By the way, if you can use any fruit puree, refreshing effect will be supported by nourishing (strawberries, banana or orange). The mask is good for oily or irritated skin.

Facial mask with clay and essential oil of peppermint

Skin problems (especially if there are large pores) will surely enjoy the purifying mask from blue clay (2 parts, pre-dissolve in warm water) and crushed mint leaves (1 part). Either drip into the clay a few drops of essential oil. Mix everything to a state of sour cream and apply on face, especially chin area and nose bridge, for 15-20 minutes.

To make mint oil mask take half a Cup of olive oil and the same of mint leaves. Insist on olive oil for 10 days in a dark place in a container made of dark glass. After the procedure oil and apply on cleansed skin in a thin layer on 25 minutes, the remains remove with a soft tissue paper.

This mask is ideal for normal skin as a preventive care.

Warm menthol for sensitive skin

If you have peppermint oil or fresh leaves, a face mask can be made more effective. Grind in a blender dry chamomile (this is excellent antiseptic) and peppermint. You can also add a bit series.

Take two teaspoons of the herb mixture and add one oatmeal (cleansing component), milled into flour, thoroughly mixed. Add a little hot water, then the cereal will swell, form a cohesive mass and will bind all the ingredients.

Hold the mixture in a water bath for 15 minutes. Let the mixture cool slightly and then apply on the face, covering the skin with foil, and top with a towel. Relax and lie down for 20 minutes until the mask is completely cool, and then wash it with warm water.

Note: mask is not recommended if you have problems with capillaries!

Due to its properties to stimulate blood circulation, refresh and tone the skin, mask with mint for the face is great for the décolleté and neck.

Careful with mint should be people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, as menthol and essential oils can dilate the blood vessels.

The mask can be done three times a week, a full course should be about 20 sessions.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

What useful mask with mint for the face?

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