What vaccinations are necessary for cats?

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” we talk about our furry Pets, about cats. About whether it is necessary to do them vaccinated, and if not – how, when and what.

There is a widespread belief, which, unfortunately, was too steady, the cat – beast is tenacious and unpretentious. Feed the cats can be anything, to heal somehow, and if not treated, it heals as on a dog. That is, on the cat.

But that’s completely wrong!

Before, 20-30 years ago, the cat is 10 years of age was considered old. But now, with the development of veterinary medicine, cats can happily live 15 years or more. The main thing is to give them enough attention, time to treat and properly fed.

Veterinarians recommend vaccinations for all domestic cats, even those who never go outside. Because feline infection can inadvertently bring the master himself: on shoes, on clothes. Sick animals walk on the street, and the pathogens them fall into the ground and then spread with the dust. And if the cat on the samovygulu or go to the country during summer, the vaccination mandatory.

If you bought an animal with hands, be sure to consult with your doctor. If the animal is healthy, immunized.

But! Unscrupulous dealers animals are almost wholly sick, so they first need to check and may be treated immediately.

What vaccinations do cats and when

All cats are recommended vaccinations against major diseases.

This is panleukopenia, calicivirus, herpesvirus infection and rabies. If there is an increased risk of infection, vaccinations and other infections — chlamydia, leukemia, immune deficiency and viral peritonitis.

Kittens veterinarians do not recommend vaccinations before 2 months. Adult cats are supposed to revaktsinirujut every year because the immune system in all animals are different, and it is better not to risk their health.

In addition, some of the cat diseases dangerous to people. For example, rabies.

Do cats vaccinated against rabies?

Unfortunately, cats too are susceptible to the disease and can easily get infected from the rats and mice. Rabies vaccination cats do need to renew it every year.

Before vaccination, the cat recommended to give a vermifuge. It can be tablets or suspension. Tablets are more convenient from the point of view of the owners. But some irresponsible cat refuse to eat the pills.

So today website sympaty.net. will tell you how to trick these picky.

In this case, the tablets can be given, mixed with balls of dry food. But the feed should be few, ideally deworming is given on an empty stomach, 2 hours before eating. After a week or 10 days of receiving anthelmintic repeat.

Only then it is possible to be vaccinated.

Give vermifuge necessarily because the presence of parasites in the body reduces or even cancels the effect of the vaccine.
But before giving the medicine or vaccination, it is necessary to consult with your veterinarian. Weakened or sick animals are not vaccinated. And even deworming medication may be harmful.

Is the cat vaccinated against zoster?

Vaccination against zoster is also done if there is a risk of infection – if you have a new cat, especially from the street. Or do you take cats on overexposure. Or your cat participates in exhibitions. In this case it is better to protect all Pets.

Vaccinated against zoster can you do with 3 months of age.

The owner may question: does vaccination of cats by age?

It all depends on the condition of an animal. So, if you have any questions, better to turn to trusted vet. Prevention is better to prevent than to treat.

They say cats have 9 lives… No, it’s not. The cat not 9, and only one, and sometimes very fragile life is.

Take care of those who tamed. And advice women’s website sympaty.net you hope this will help.

Author – Alain Venison, site ToKnow365.top

What vaccinations are necessary for cats?

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