What will be fashionable in winter 2013-2014?

Ahead of the frost. Ice, wind, slush underfoot with sleet mixed in… But all this is nothing compared to much more pleasant news on the eve of winter: time to go shopping and update your wardrobe fashionable in this winter season things. But if you haven’t managed to figure out what is in fashion in winter 2013-2014, the site sympaty.net happy to talk about the latest trends!

Elegant retro

Perhaps, the main trend that can be seen not only in the designer collections of haute couture, but the range of shops – the return of the elegant, feminine and a little strict retro-style.

Of course, retro is quite a General term, but clearly can be traced the following trends:

  • 40 years from this period, should adopt a strict silhouette with an elongated pencil skirt and a jacket with “tight shoulders”. Also in fashion, and will include variations of the coat on the cut is based on “the overcoat”.
  • 50-e, new look: full skirts (e.g., turtleneck).
  • The 60s and 70s– solid-color sheath dresses, a-line dress with a collar “Peter pan”.

Vintage jewelry

“Hooray!!!” — so needs to meet this winter those many seasons denied themselves the joy of wearing something embroidered with gold and stones in the style of medieval Queens and Byzantine princesses! Because fashionable winter 2013-2014 it is a play on the historical motifs in clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Dress, embroidered in the style of Byzantine mosaics, can play its historic (literally and figuratively) role in new year’s eve. And in everyday wardrobe is to bring items – purse with tapestry embroidery in the style of the era of Queen Victoria, massive earrings, similar to a Museum exhibit…

Or play on associations, using noble fabrics and textures: lace, lace, velvet, suede, satin, brocade…

Do not forget about color: gold good are the deep soft tones of blue, Burgundy, dark green…

Black-and-white geometry

For lovers of rigor and simplicity fashion 2013-2014 winter provides many opportunities to look stylish while beating the geometry of straight lines and uncluttered achromatic color scheme.

The image was not boring, look things are complicated fashion, with volume elements: in fashion, for example, went back again Raglan sleeve and a-line silhouette.

Pants this season also fall into two extremes: they must either be narrowed and slightly shortened (almost a classic “banana”), or, conversely, very wide, flared from the hips. Combines both the latest trend model is an indispensable high waist (but in the winter, it is also the key to warmth!).

Experiment with skirts in the fashion of smell, large pleating and heavy fabrics.

Winter 2013-2014: what is fashionable? Clothing oversize!

If you have something to hide (the extra pounds, or Vice versa, excessive thinness), then this season you’re in luck! And even if you hide absolutely nothing, you still should have a couple of things in the current trend of oversize – clothes seem several sizes larger.

Besides the already classic jeans-“boyfriend” and spare tunics, turn to your closet surround “dimensionless” sweater and (for the most daring fashionistas!) “stretch”pants something resembling pyjama bottoms.

Colors and prints of winter 2013-2014: what is fashionable?

On styles and silhouettes of the website sympaty.net already told you, now let’s talk about the actual prints and colors.

Fortunately, from summer fashion to winter is not going to move slightly boring fluorescent colors – on the contrary, in the fashion of a noble, “adult” colors. Base – white and black. And you can’t go wrong if you complement them scarlet, celadon, dull shades of gold, Burgundy, blue…

Prints – cage, and almost any. But if in spring it was deliberately a large “checkerboard” now trending “chicken foot” and Scottish. Also relevant a large contrast stripe.

But if you haven’t found among the trends of winter anything that you like — don’t worry! If you know exactly how to emphasize their unique identity as unique and stylish way, this is much better than blindly copy the outfits of the mannequins in the store and look “cheap”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What will be fashionable in winter 2013-2014?

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