What you need to do for 30 years?

Age is just a number, but, approaching 30-year milestone, every girl thinks about what she did in life and what else she has to do. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you what to do for 30 years and how to prioritize.

What to do for 30 years: turn dreams into goals

Before moving to the to-do list, decide what we plan, not just another list of unfulfilled “dreams.” Want to marry Ryan Gosling or dream to buy own house in the centre of Paris, with a salary of 10 thousand rubles? Let’s set aside these desires.

When compiling the list, you need to start from how much you have left before the thirtieth anniversary. Now if you’re 20, you can not limit yourself, writing a list of things that comes to mind. If you are much closer to the day X, leave on paper only the most important and achievable.

In the list of cases that need to be done up to 30 years, usually 3 varieties of cases:

  • Cherished dreams. Good job, the long-awaited car, going on vacation, you want to gather up the necessary budget.
  • Reckless acts. Skydiving, Canoeing, rock climbing and other adventures that you didn’t dare.
  • Personal growth. Become more confident, lose weight, learn Chinese.
  • Since we’re talking about goals, not dreams, you can not visualize them, but it is very desirable to view a list of at least 2-3 times in a week to see whether you are moving in the right direction.

    What you need to do up to 30 years to be happy

    The human personality is formed over the first 30 years of his life, to change something after this milestone is difficult. Therefore, a gift of thirty years will give a strong, confident personality that she is able to create happiness.

  • To live alone is what you need to do for 30 years. Let it be a rented apartment or Dorm room. The essence of this practice lies in the fact that you have tasted the spirit of freedom. Feel independent and self-sufficient. Enjoy the temporary solitude as a reward. Go naked in the evenings, fill the fridge harmful Goodies, in General, do everything that you want. This is your territory and your laws.
  • To abandon bad habits. Was positively a week in his own apartment and begin to accustom themselves to the order: smoke – break, eat a lot of fast food – go on a proper diet, never played sports – will take 10 minutes morning exercises.
  • Learning to love yourself and be beautiful. Every girl has strengths and beautiful features, the key is to learn to find them and emphasize. The attractiveness has not waned over the years, if you develop it in yourself.
  • Properly allocate your time. The only way you’ll catch everything, and then the plan will not cause you difficulties.
  • Not to lose touch with parents. Call mom and dad once a day or at least every other day, let it be the conversation up to a minute, 30 you need their support, don’t build walls between you.
  • Find friends. The faithful friends on which to rely and to remember his youth is the most valuable treasure that you can bring in the fourth decade.
  • Out of the comfort zone. This is something that I definitely need to make a girl to 30 years. While you make all the habit, you will not be able to change anything in life. To the troubles of life have you been disturbed not so much, do yourself a periodic shake-up.
  • To learn how to cook. This quality is considered the most valuable in women. Get a couple of favorite dishes that will impress guests or a loved one.
  • To experiment with the appearance — find your style, be as you like, so you do not regret something you haven’t tried.
  • To get a hobby or a habit. Embroider cross-stitch, braid, macramé, go on Saturdays for ballroom dancing. There is nothing more attractive than a girl with interests.
  • As much as possible to photograph. Your memories should not remain only in your memory, but in the photo, which will give you a lot of good mood.
  • What you need to do to get 30 years: girls on a note

    If the previous list was focused on the development of your personality, then sympaty.net talk about how to use these newfound qualities for specific purposes.

    That’s what a girl got to do to 30 years:

    • To find a good job. Better if it is a task that you like, then you won’t have to suffer everyday “labor of depression.”
    • To experience first love. She must have someone she is happy, someone unhappy, in any case, this first experience, and it is important.
    • To marry. It’s not a prerequisite, but, as psychologists say, after 25 years the person becomes more demanding to others and to ourselves, and to love “from the heart” becomes harder.
    • To settle down. It is important that you have the feeling that you tried everything you wanted, and now aimed at more or less regular life (which does not mean boring). 30 you find a home, a family, you have something to risk and something to lose, 20-25 you have no such attachments, because really in much nicer and easier.
    • To go abroad or to relax at the place where you wanted to go. After 30 a lot of worries and time on all the less don’t let excuses stop you from enjoying the journey.
    • To have a baby. Many girls consider this request, thinking that need to get done before 30 years.

    Your list might consist of 20, 50, 100 or more points, it can be small things or important global issues. The decision alone will take several months for the implementation of other need.

    Don’t worry if things don’t go as fast as I wanted, but not put off indefinitely. Rationally distribute the time for each event, which must be done before 30 years, has its appropriate moment.

    Author – Lydia Karant, site ToKnow365.top

    What you need to do for 30 years?

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