What’s the best refrigerator side Bay side?

Whatever you say, but Americans are used to dimensions. And who does not like them – fans to buy products with stock cooling whiskey and coke with ice cubes, the idea came to mind to make the refrigerator is low, but large, and with compartments for making ice and cooling all kinds of drinks.

American sizes

The name of the refrigerator side Bay side (which is impressive) with English translates as “side by side”. It looks like a wardrobe with two doors.

If the traditional refrigerator design freezer can be either from above or from below, then in the refrigerator of this type of camera are combined with each other, settling down a wall to a wall that is fully displayed in the title of this model.

On the right, usually located cooling chamber, which occupies 2/3 of the total volume, and the left – freezer, which constitutes 1/3 of the volume.

That is, buying a refrigerator of this type, you are essentially buying half a fridge — most of the models is the distribution of volume between the freezing and refrigerating compartment, but the refrigerator side Bay side Liebherr produces the same size cameras. That is, buying a refrigerator company Liebherr, you buy the fridge and freezer traditional sizes.

Be prepared for the fact that such a large purchase and need a lot of space – at least 1 m 30 cm

Refrigerators side-by-side, the reviews mention it repeatedly, convenient and practical to use. Despite the fact that the interior volume when viewed may seem small, and the impression that such are roomy, you’re wrong. The amount of refrigerators of this type ranges from 300 to 800 litres.

To the traditional refrigerator design had such a volume, it needs to be at least 2 m 20 cm in height.

  • Camera it is close by, making the device relatively low – the minimum instrument height – 90 cm, maximum 2 m 10 cm, which is convenient to use;
  • But his width (from 90 cm to 1 m 20 cm) does not allow to buy a refrigerator side-by-side, the holders of the kitchens with a small area. Manufacturers recommend a realistic evaluation of the area of the premises, where there will be a refrigerator and you can buy it in kitchen or dining room with a total area less than 7 square metres not advised. It will take a lot of space and be impractical.
  • The back of the fridge – from 62 see

That’s what they say about the size of the feedback about the refrigerator side Bay side:

  • Buying a refrigerator with two hinged doors, don’t forget to measure the doorways in the stairwell, the Elevator. The width of the opening should be above 80 cm as the smallest refrigerator of this type in width — 90 cm We had to remove the kitchen door and disassemble the refrigerator, removing its doors. The only way we were able to bring in our kitchen is not the biggest Samsung RSH5SLBG1/BWT width 91 see Helena.
  • Consultants in the store are not warned that you need for the fridge to leave some margin in width. That is, the place that you plan to allocate for the refrigerator, must have reserves on the sides. If the width of the refrigerator 1 m, then leave for a minimum of 1 m 10 cm – 5 cm at the sides. So convenient to open the door to remove the shelves. We have less space. More precisely, the side of the freezer there is room, and the door is opened 120 degrees, but the fridge is only 90, which is not very convenient. Marina.

The distinctive functions of the refrigerator side-by-side

So, on a large scale and unusual location of refrigerator and freezer – first, you pay attention in the refrigerator of this class, we are told.

Look at the second thing – the ice maker and cooler.

Ice formation and cooling drinks

In many models of refrigerators of this type on the doors of the freezer compartment to notice, which is intended for manufacturing of ice and cool drinks. The working part is located inside on the freezer doors, and the outside is a compartment with a tap, in which is placed a container for cold drinks and ice.

Clicking one button and replacing the glass, you get cold water or ice for cooling. Feature convenient – no need to open the fridge to take a piece of ice or a glass of cold drink.

At first I thought that the ice maker in the refrigerator – it is nothing like a cool but useless trick. But over time, the whole family used to always have on hand and ice cold drink. I use this feature even in the winter. Our choice of relatively inexpensive SAMSUNG RSH5ZLMR, but he suits us. Nicholas.

It is important to specify that refrigerators with ice makers assume water connection. Water for ice formation must be made under pressure – be sure to consider this when buying. If possible, connect your fridge, you can use a special pump with water.

Ice machines can not use, that is, to ignore this function. Ice can be done with molds, as in a conventional refrigerator.

In principle, fridge LIEBHERR SBS 7212 I’m happy. Here are just a pump (it looks like a large plastic bottle), which is the side of the fridge, spoils the appearance. So you better consider carefully where to position the refrigerator of this type, to be able to connect to the water supply. Maria.

Water to the icemaker goes through the filter. So that additional purification and filtration is not required. You only need time to change the water filter. This will remind the computer system, which is equipped with modern refrigerators.

So, becoming the owner of the refrigerator “side by side”, you can make a “party party” with all sorts of drinks ranging from chilled Coca-Cola and finishing whiskey with ice.

Cooling system

We all remember how much work and patience is needed to defrost the fridge last generation. A layer of frost that covered the rear wall of the unit, gradually melted away, and we changed cloths and substitutes basins.

All refrigerators of the new generation feature No Frost (frost free). The evaporator is hidden on the back wall behind the fascia, and the air in the chambers is constantly moving. Helps him the fan that drives the air to the evaporator, then turn on the heater that helps to thaw the frost. Of course, it all happens automatically.

This feature is perfect if not for one “but” — walking in the refrigerator, the air objetive the products that are on the shelves, so storing food in the refrigerator side Bay side is better in tightly closed containers or packaged.


With the cooling system has another remarkable feature of the refrigerator of this type is the movement of air. The back of the refrigerator are equipped with special gaps at different levels. Through them flows the air of a certain temperature in different compartments of refrigerator and freezer.

The sensors, which are located in the refrigerator, help to choose the optimum temperature for food storage.

For example, according to this principle works “zone of freshness”. The temperature in this compartment is kept within 0 to +3 degrees, which is considered optimal for storage of meat, vegetables and dairy products. Products do not need to pre-freeze, so they are not lost — just put them in the crisper drawer.

Similarly, you can set the optimal temperature in the storage compartment of greens and vegetables that will appeal to fans of healthy eating.

The refrigerator side Bay side, to choose who I helped a friend who is in Love with zone “climate control” with high humidity in the refrigerator BOSCH KAN 58A55 EN. The greens remain fresh. But for fruit, choose a lower “dry” humidity are good for them. Zinaida.

Thus, in refrigerators of this type, special cooling and air movement help to create the optimal climate for storage of products.


The instructions for the refrigerators is described in great detail how to operate the refrigerator side-by-side. Each model has its nuances, but to understand them.

BEKO GNE 114610 FX is my choice! Very convenient display of temperature control in the compartments of refrigerator and freezer is located directly on the doors of the refrigerator. With control handle even a child. You need to set the right temperature and all, the fridge works as you need. Natalia.


Compressors located on the rear wall, as in traditional refrigerators, and bottom. This has its pros and cons. Conveniently, the refrigerator can be put close to the wall, but inconvenient if Underfloor heating.

In addition, if a refrigerator with 2 compressors, they work in the refrigerator and freezer freestanding.

Function “holiday” is very necessary. Went with my wife on vacation, go on vacation refrigerator. Freezer was working and refrigerator rested. Alexander.

Reviews about manufacturers

The first refrigerator of this type, the Americans have created in 1955. Today the refrigerator side Bay side can hardly be called “American.” It let out the Swedes, Koreans, Italians, Turks, Germans. Those who became the owner of this miracle of technology, the refrigerator side Bay side leaves a positive:

  • Refrigerators side-by-side Samsung (review of models Samsung RSH7ZN Hermes) – a miracle! Wall manufacturer made thinner, thus increasing the volume of 117 liters. Michael.
  • The refrigerator side Bay side, how to choose BOSCH or SIEMENS — I doubted, and then the consultant at the store drew my attention to Daewoo. Now I have a beautiful built-in refrigerator side Bay side DAE-U20. Inside it’s exactly the same as Bosch and Siemens. They were made on the same factory, just different stickers? But the price DEU 2 times lower than the branded firms. Igor.
  • The most expensive refrigerators side-by-side Liebherr – reviews about this were often met. But they are very reliable. I have a Liebherr SBS 7212. It suits the climate control and operates silently, but about the capacity to say nothing at all – all the “country” got in the freezer. So now the family with fresh produce all year round. Olga.

Thus, the refrigerator side-by-side comfortable and very practical. Female site sympaty.net. told only some of the features and capabilities of this type of refrigerators.

If you allow the financial capabilities, the purchase standing is not good. Budget models (LG, Electrolux, Samsung) can be purchased from thousands of dollars.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

What’s the best refrigerator side Bay side?

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