Wheel friends for children: choosing a bike for a child

After stroller kids ride bike. The modern market offers a variety of bicycles for toddlers and preschoolers. What models will suit modern parents and their children read this article.

Velokolyaska — great for walks

Tricycle with handle for parent control will replace a stroller for grown-up crumbs. Modern models are equipped with a canopy tent from rain and sun, a comfortable seat, soft protective bumper, seat belts and footrests. In demand by site visitors e-katalog.ru Navigator tricycles Trike, Lexus Trike Next and Galaxy Luchik, which in addition to the basic set have a trunk for toys and a bag for the right walking things.

Choosing the bike, pay attention to the following important features:

  • Patterned pedal will not slide the legs of the child while driving.
  • Inflatable rubber wheels provide excellent flotation transport, and the lightweight steel frame will add maneuverability.
  • The inclination of the backrest and depth of planting must be regulated in several positions depending on the growth of the child, allowing the child to feel comfortable behind the wheel.
  • As they grow up the crumbs velokolyaska transformered into a full bike for the novice cyclist. Extra parts (wheels, bumper, safety belt, parent handle, canopy) can be dismantled without much difficulty. Tot he will be able to control a three-wheeled friend, honk pigeons and pedestrians, hindering the movement.

    Bright plastic bike from Turkey

    Baby older than 2 years, you can buy a light bike made of bright plastic. This model is suitable for the development of coordination and skills to keep balance. Turkish company Pilsan offers children’s bikes interesting design of durable, environmentally friendly colored plastic for kids 2-3 years. To buy a children’s bike for boy or girl in one of the stores affiliated with the site e-katalog.ru. Three-wheeled models Pilsan Ducky and Pilsan Caterpillar is equipped with a handle for parental control, a ringing signal on the handlebars and a basket-trunk for toys. Pilsan Atom and Bike Pilsan Tubby — full plastic bikes on the wide, stable wheels for beginner riders.

    Change to “dvuhkonusnyj”

    Having mastered Volokolamskoe and plastic bike, the child can begin “taming” the two-wheeled model. A two-wheeled Bicycle equipped with a pair of small side wheels. This addition is very useful, because “dvuhkonusnyj” taller and heavier than tricycles. The child should get used to the saddle, replacing the comfortable seat-high chair, wide handlebars with a hand brake, a large inflatable wheels (diameter 12-18 cm). When the little cyclist will learn to confidently ride, turn and braking, the training wheels can be removed. The three leaders, according to E-katalog, model Capella S-14, Superior Team 16, STELS Pilot 170 16 for children 3-6 years old.

    Wheel friends for children: choosing a bike for a child

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