When interest wanes men: the book, Steve Nakamoto What women want and how to get it

We have started to publish extracts from books provided to us by the publishing house “Peter”. In the meantime, you could read two weight loss secrets from Inna Volovicheva. There will be more ?

And now present to you a Chapter from the book , Steve Nakamoto’s “What women want and how to get it?”. The Chapter is called “When the interest of the man weak”.

When interest wanes men

Readers often ask me the question, what really men want from women? Often it seems that men think of only one thing (i.e. sex). However, I don’t hear complaints about the fact that over time men lose interest in physical intimacy.

For example, I recently received the following letter:

“I’m four months now with a wonderful guy. At first, our romance developed rapidly. The first two months we spent together every night. Then a few diminished pace and began to meet four to five times a week. Everything was great, but all of a sudden he decided that we should stop having sex until, until he will understand what he wants. We still see each other four to five times a week, talk a lot, but we do not have sex at all! He says he feels affection for me, calling all the time, invites you to spend time together — until the travel together. But does not want intimacy. According to him, he’s not sure he ready for a serious relationship.

I did this subject do not raise. But the most important question that haunts me: what happened to the guy who had such a strong attraction? This whole situation baffles me. Tell me, what does that mean and what do I do?”

Certainly, these days many men are at first very hard to ensure women and then cool down quickly, getting what you’ve been craving — sex or attention. At first glance it seems that this scenario is entirely the fault of men. But even the best of them, despite their desire to love, can go all the way from the persistent persecution to gradual alienation.

So what is the root of the problem? What really do men want? And as a wise women can keep a man satisfied and hungry for more?

It is not enough just to be sexy

A good friend of mine, still reeling after a painful divorce, had an affair with a professional stripper. Yes, she was really sexy.

For several months, the old Tony was in awe of such a passionate woman. I had often seen him at popular night clubs, where he watched the performances of Cindy, and then enjoyed her attention. But after some time I learned that my friend again is in search of a girl, but for a serious relationship.

Tony told me that his affair with the dancer was “the best and the worst at once.” Obviously, an unhealthy lifestyle Cindy with sleepless nights, drugs, alcohol, and bizarre acquaintances started to drive my poor friend crazy. In these respects, strangely mingled passion, jealousy, excitement, fear and chaos.

Tony liked the “pros”, but it became increasingly difficult to cope with the growing “cons” of these relations. The main reason for the break was that he would never allow Cindy to her parents ‘ house and “introduce to mom”. This means that he did not take this relationship seriously.

I am sure that stripper breakup with my boyfriend passed not painless. In the end, she was so sexy and attractive as only a woman can be. But these relations satisfy only one emotional need of my friend is in initiation — did not meet all the way.

They say, too good — too bad. If is attracted by only one side, and besides, he is not able to offer anything more over time, such communication can be boring. The secret of happy love in that relationship combines the stability and diversity simultaneously.

Discover your beauty

Here are some tips on how to become sexier in the eyes of men. Don’t forget that sexuality is not just a physical attraction, but rather an inner confidence and the ability to present their best side.

Review this list and determine what you can add to your image. Remember that “sexy ingredients” that arouse the initial desire in men, so necessary for the revival of their elusive interest.

  • Expand your horizons.
  • Care for skin with various cosmetic products.
  • Pick up a trendy and attractive for men hairstyle.
  • Conduct regular treatments to improve skin condition.
  • Be proud of your accomplishments and who you’ve become.
  • Develop a healthy sense of humor.
  • Be mysterious — keep safe their secrets.
  • Learn to get more pleasure from his touch.
  • Maintain personal hygiene at a high level.
  • Perfect the art of kissing.
  • Go to the cinema at romantic movies.
  • Learn to talk about intimate things.
  • Enjoy a bubble bath, candles, aromatic oils and flowers.
  • Buy sexy underwear, and sleep naked.
  • Be aware of the difference between sexuality and vulgarity.
  • Sexy body, healthy body, so exercise, eat right and sleep well.
  • Raise their health standards.
  • Carefully take care of your teeth, to be able to smile widely.
  • Get rid of complexes in sex.
  • Wear soft, natural fabrics.
  • Dress fashionable, emphasize their sexuality.
  • Listen to music that makes you happy.
  • Most look people in the eye.
  • Keep in the wardrobe of clothing that makes men wonder what’s under it.
  • Buy clothes for sex play.
  • Develop the ability to flirt through body language.
  • Learn to dance, to move with more grace.
  • Avoid abrupt manners, attitudes, gestures.

An excerpt from the book , Steve Nakamoto’s “What women want and how to get it?”” was officially provided by “Piter”publishing house website www.sympaty.net – Beautiful and Successful

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When interest wanes men: the book, Steve Nakamoto What women want and how to get it

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