When is the best time to give birth to their first child?

Now that the pregnancy and the appearance of the children in most cases is a pre-planned event, increasingly raising the debate: when is the best time to give birth? Do not postpone or wait the most favourable situation, to prepare?

I want to say that the site “ToKnow365.top” will not give a ready answer – because this issue should be solved only by yourself to the future parents! And here to discuss all aspects, pros and cons of each age for women of having children is worth it!

When the woman is better to give birth: the point of view of medicine

This aspect seems to be the most objective, against nature not trample, and time for a long meditation women are not given the sort – of full physiological maturity prior to the climax takes place some 30 years (compared to the average life expectancy of approximately 80 years, it’s not so much!).

What he says about the optimal age for first birth medicine?

Yes, the sooner the better: fully formed and ready for bearing and child birth the female body is considered to be around 18-19 years (some sooner, some later, but roughly in the range of age).

Of course, there are cases where no problems and gave birth at an earlier age, but it is still beyond the limits of the legal norms, therefore, to recommend the age 18 for delivery will not.

From 18 to 25-27 years – the most favorable and recommended the age periodwhen to give birth to their first child.

At this age the highest probability of conception, fewer health problems, “a muscular corset” it is not stretched, which is important for pregnancy, most durable bone, etc. that is why in the Soviet times women giving birth later 30, is referred to as “staracademie” — supposedly the best age was missed, the risks and dangers increased, etc.

But there are some “but” — for allegedly “late”!

The fact is that when you plan when to give birth, is important not because the age itself, but the General condition of the body. Recommendations about “better to be early, yet healthy!” based solely on the overall statistics – indeed, in youth health, there are many!

However, there are a great number of cases when women, planning pregnancy after 30 who consciously went to it – leading a healthy lifestyle, doing physical exercise, policywas from different “Chronicles”, which complicates the pregnancy, etc. And give birth to healthy kids!

And it’s not even in the development of modern medicine – much better to bring the pregnancy to maximally natural way than “just in case to save the” late baby by Caesarian section!

There are, of course, the aspect that after 30-35 years reduced the probability of conception and will need to wait the pregnancy a little longer than 20-25. But again, if undiagnosed infertility for specific reasons – they could wait the extra six months or a year?!

Now that more and more women are boldly going into childbirth and after 40 – again, if the health status of the mother is normal, the medicine may very, very much to keep the pregnancy and to ensure a successful birth!

Also on the website sympaty.net you can read reflections on the topic of when to give birth to a second child.

When is the best time to have a child early or later?

But if the age factor as such much debate in society causes, social, financial and personal reasons for the choice of the optimum time when to give birth to first child really care about many of them!

Case for later motherhood now, surprisingly, they sound a lot more convincing and more often, this option is becoming more common and accepted.

  • Wait for favorable financial situation. That is, to have a child when there is a strong belief in their income, gained full financial independence from parents, solved the housing question, etc. unfortunately, It’s rarely possible to achieve “biologically optimal” age to 25.
  • Leave time for self-development, education, career. That is, not to step almost immediately from the status of child to status of the mother and wife and to live alone, to find myself in life, to get what you want education, start a career, etc. and it is not a banal self-interest as interpreted by some, as it is a natural desire of improvement – at least for the sake of the child became conscious, knowing life interesting and versatile developed mom!
  • Find “the” man to father your child. Dry statistics show that prisoners at a later age marriages fail less often. Among single mothers, most are actually given birth before and parted with the father of the child. But quite naturally search for “men of a lifetime”, which rarely ends with a happy ending to 25, they are already with the baby – I think no need to explain the complexity of the situation. So maybe the first “casting”, and then combines desired baby?
  • Want a kid really. It is no secret that the later the first child is usually desired, planned and favorite! In his youth, many do not think, when is the best time to give birth, give birth and simply: “because it happened”, “because it’s time”, “mom wants grandchildren” “that the husband will not go away”, etc. After a certain age, all these motives are retreating, and it appears the only real reason: to love this kid! Of course some are aware of it before and quite happy in early motherhood, but we’re talking about the most common scenarios…

But still, there are opposite arguments, which were also impossible to overlook!

Than well informed motherhood?

  • Smaller the difference of the ages of mother and child. It really is often the key to understanding and harmonious relationship with the child, especially when he grows up, and for many this moment is the determining factor in the question “when is the best time to have a baby”.
  • “Early maturing”. A young woman giving birth receives a new status and he moves to the next step of “inheritance hierarchy”: of the daughters of his mother in the mother of the child, the Creator of his own family! Yes, and all the necessary chores associated with the baby, contribute to the rapid formation of the “adult” qualities – responsibility, thrift, initiative, etc. And often the path of self-development that a woman without children is in the decade gave birth to the woman overcomes the first months of baby’s life!
  • “Late youth”. Plus, who certainly felt all the early birth mom: when the kids grow up and no longer require constant attention, you’re still young, attractive and full of enthusiasm! And while your 35-40-year-old peers spend time at playgrounds and wiping snot, you can again go on dates, to get involved in yoga or even to get a second degree. That is, “live for yourself”, making up the stage, who gave birth after 30 years passed before the birth of the child. But for you it will be already grown up offspring!

So, as you can see, the question “when is the best time to give birth” has many answers – and they are all correct!!!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

When is the best time to give birth to their first child?

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