When morning sickness starts, why, and how to deal with it?

Sometimes a bright time waiting for a baby is marred by the health problems of the expectant mom. After all, pregnancy is a huge restructuring of the parent body and the load on it. One of the most common and pressing problems with health of the pregnant woman is, of course, morning sickness. When morning sickness starts and what to do about it, now tells women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

When does toxemia of pregnancy and what is it?

It is a pathological condition that accompanies the pregnancy.

It is usually manifested by nausea, vomiting, increased salivation, General discomfort and malaise. When morning sickness starts during pregnancy, you may experience intolerance to certain foods, smells, tastes, when one only hint at them a pregnant woman, clamping his mouth, rushing to the toilet.

Why does it occur?

The toxicity is directly linked to the development of the egg and with the processes in a woman’s body that are parallel – hormonal, vascular and immunological changes. Factors that trigger the symptoms of morning sickness, actually a lot. For example, the connection between the maximum level of the primary pregnancy hormone – human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) onset of symptoms of toxicity. And this is only one of the elements of the new state of the female body.

When does the morning sickness?

Usually its manifestations during the first trimester, and after 12 weeks they should subside.

So the morning sickness of the first trimester is also called early toxicosis, gestosis, and early “disease of adaptation”. The body needs time to adjust to his new position.

Sometimes morning sickness starts in the period of 5-6 weeks and, together with the absence of regular menstruation is the sign by which a woman learns about her pregnancy.

In themselves the symptoms of toxicosis, and also at what time starts the morning sickness, very individual. Much depends on predisposition, existing health problems, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, exposure to stress. These factors almost always provoke the beginning of morning sickness in early pregnancy and aggravate it.

There are women who do not encounter nausea, vomiting and intolerance to food during the entire pregnancy, and there are those of the Martyr, which, due to strong vomiting and food intolerance due to toxicity significantly lose weight and generally have to be under medical supervision.

And then we just classify types of toxicity.

Types of toxemia in pregnant women

Toxicosis klassificeret frequency of emetic symptoms in the day.

Light is considered morning sickness in which vomiting occurs not more than five times during the day.

If a pregnant woman vomits up to 10 times, then it is toxicosis moderate severity.

And if vomiting occurs more frequently, 10 times per day and the expectant mother because of this not able is, it is a question of immediate hospitalization under the supervision of doctors, what we talked about above. In this case, all the necessary medicines and nutrients are administered intravenously in the hospital.

Severe morning sicknessthat begins in early pregnancy is a threat to the life of the fetus that is not receiving the necessary nutrients and can not develop fully, and a serious test for the health of mom. So if the situation gets out of control, you should immediately consult a doctor.

In all other cases, as a rule, pregnant help diet, vitamins and adequate rest.

Our website has already given hints when the toxicosis during pregnancy, and relieves the expectant mothers. You can read about here. We therefore will not be repeated, but only share General recommendations.

Female site sympaty.net advises: no matter how difficult, still try to stick to the maximum right and healthy lifestyle – get plenty of rest, sleep and be outdoors. Empirically pick up those foods and drinks that your body is willing to accept.

And remember – you are quite capable to get rid of toxicity, adjusting the diet, habits and lifestyle!

Listen to your body and try not to lose heart because of these temporary ailments.

Light pregnancy and the health of your baby!

The author – Mama Puma, site ToKnow365.top

When morning sickness starts, why, and how to deal with it?

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