When should truthfully tell a child about Santa Claus?

Remember the classic joke: parents accompany rookie at the station – the train will be leaving right now, last minute goodbyes, and the father says, “Son, you’re great. We with mum long thought whether to tell you the truth, but you will sooner or later have to know about it… So here it is – Santa Claus does not exist!!!”.

Jokes aside, this thought usually attends the parents quite seriously – when and how to tell children about Santa Claus the truth is disappointing, not to kill faith in miracles and not to spoil new year’s holidays? The website sympaty.net make the right decision!

At what age do kids usually stop believing in Santa Claus?

Many parents, with all the frivolity of the issue often make a very strange but very typical mistake – they are somehow trying to calculate the “correct” age when a child is supposed to stop believing in Santa Claus. As a guide come from memories of his own childhood, your child is opposed to adelekan (“everything is… and my naive — yet…” or “my! and peers still hard!..).

And all would be nothing, but often this results in bitter disappointment for a kid, if I enlighten ahead of time, or the appearance of confidence to the parents, if quite conscious of the child are stuffed with fables, which he does not believe!

In reality, “normal” age to tell children about Santa Claus, no. This is a very individually – analyzing I know of cases, children cease to believe in the new year grandfather who’s 5 and one in 10…

In principle, the “late” faith in Santa Claus does not speak about some psychological problems, excessive immaturity, etc.

Children today stop believing in this character, usually a few years earlier than their parents and grandparents in his childhood, so matching is not necessary! But this is understandable, the modern world and the current “children’s culture” does not have a very long wearing “rose-colored glasses”…

What to do if a child has ceased to believe in the reality of this character?

The website sympaty.net believes that this scenario is most correct and logical – the child himself will compare what was happening, and one day I will say that the gifts under the Christmas tree puts the mother, and not Santa Claus, and the one character who comes in mornings to school or kindergarten, beard pasted!

Then you simply tell the child about Santa Claus, which, of course, the kid is right, but still — since there is a folk legend about this character.

And people of all ages sometimes you want to play and present themselves with good winter wizard, give gifts and bring a little life stories! Can you tell a child about Santa Claus and about Christmas and new year of other peoples characters: Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Yellowpage, babo Natale, fairy Befana etc.

How to maintain a childlike faith in a miracle, if it is too early to tell the truth to a child about Santa Claus?

But to disappoint a child the existence of Santa Claus is probably not worth it – why not extend that sweet childlike faith in miracles, because the Christmas holidays give the kids so many wonderful memories for life!

However, how to protect your child from the frustration from the outside?

For example, when he sees on the main square of the city with dozens of Santa clauses running around, hoping for a paid photography, or watching obviously unnatural brodacast the artist at the matinee? ?

I can say that it is the actors who play the role of Santa Claus, because he is real and genuine winter wizard is very busy preparing gifts for the children of the entire planet, and anyway, once again people seem to not like!

Again, kids are very observant and the “proof” can serve as “random” items remaining after the visit of Santa in your house on new year’s night, while the baby slept – for example, traces of large boots with thawed snow, leading from the window to the tree and back! Or “dropped by” red gauntlet with accidentally tucked in her candy found at the threshold of the hallway! ?

And, you can tell your child about Santa Claus that is such a wonderful wizard, really only comes to good little children who believe in him. But to adults he does not think to come, so they think that it is not! ?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

When should truthfully tell a child about Santa Claus?

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