When to go to live in Moscow?

An ambitious goal to move to metropolis put many people from small towns. “I want to move to live in Moscow!” — so the dream of many, considering the move the best way to succeed in a career, in work, in personal life…

Whether to go to Moscow to live, to really achieve what I want – to understand together with original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

When cost go to live and work in Moscow?

In this important and responsible matter as the relocation of the capital with long-term plans to live there, it is important to be realistic and see all the pros and cons. About the “pros” are aware, perhaps, everything: the larger the city the more diverse possibilities. Yes, not all of them are still available – but more on this later.

The main thing – here you can really find anything you want: work on the most unusual professions, hundreds of options to get a profession and education.

Many people go to find like-minded people or a team for business development of creative projects and just to communicate on your intellectual level and range of interests.

Of course, for romantic Dating there are a lot of chances…

But why do some people successfully use all of these, and the rest have little interest hard work, living in uncomfortable rented accommodation and contemptuous “stigma” “limits”, “validating” etc.?.. It is necessary to understand several important points and prepare your move.

  • Little dream “I want to live and work in Moscow.” It is important to understand what exactly you want to do, and why the same not be able to do in his hometown. For example – if you want to become a designer, not scrollsize at a local Studio, if in Moscow there is a UNIVERSITY which gives the education you want (and not the only one in your entire town zamuhryshku Institute something there), if you want to organize a training in your province probably will be no demand, etc.
  • Should have some “platform”, and not to go with one suitcase “going nowhere.” Yes, of course, and arrived with one suitcase sometimes achieve decent results in my life, but… sometimes. You will be a lot easier if you have some basis to start. Well, when you can shelter in Moscow, relatives or friends. If not – look for yourself, in advance, where you will be able to stay in a rented house, and amass an amount sufficient to pay 3-4 months rent (in case to make immediately will not work). Looking for a vacancy where you will be invited and will be waiting for your arrival. Relationships among Muscovites, in your field of activity (fortunately, social media and the Internet provide plenty of opportunities for socializing and Dating).

  • Start with more ambitious plans. Yes, sometimes we have to work hard and to live a wealthy life, but… let’s call that plan B! First, go where I dream is to find a job in really interesting company to offer your creative ideas to influential people, etc. If it does not – then you have temporarily to temper the ambitions and look for a simple job. But the trick is that just “impudent” with ambitious ideas and find a “free” place in the sun thanks to “sassy” knock all the “high” door, and “honest and hardworking” just go get the movers and sellers, not even trying to make a step towards my real dreams…
  • If you have already reached a certain level in your city, and understand that it is getting close to your ideas and projects (all tried, all the doors knocked on, all the familiar faces) – and then appears the conscious desire “I want to go live in Moscow.” In this case, it only remains to wish you success – because you are coming with a baggage of experience, knowledge, and embodied projects and new ideas: these provincials in the capital are in demand!

Maybe it’s not worth it?..

Yes. There are many people about whom it is safe to say that they were moved to Moscow in vain. Those who arrived with a naive dream “I want to live in Moscow!” with confidence, that Moscow is a Paradise, worth to get here, and you will immediately give money, success, and interesting and full of events life… But it is not.

In Moscow, of course, there are high revenues, and options to get a great education and the chance to become famous, and entertainment for every taste, and interesting educated people…

But it all balances out unemployment, the highest competitions in schools, shortage of housing and high prices, the high cost of entertainment and essential goods, local “Gopnik” and the common people, etc.

“The bright side” by itself you will not open, and the “dark” you behold in full.

The answer to the question: “is it Worth it to live in Moscow?” rather negative if:

  • You don’t set myself any specific goals, which are impossible in a small town, and aware that, most likely, will last all my life on some simple specialty, but does not promise high income and career growth.
  • You are career woman, a life’s goal isn’t to “grow” and go to new life levels and want a calm, equable life and quiet life. In Moscow, you are unlikely to appear their housing, rent is expensive – you will have a lot of work, so what about the quiet measured life it will be a very long time.
  • You go not because you don’t like your city and really want to go to live in Moscow, and simply because of some nasty circumstances, so as not to live with their parents, to leave her husband, etc. If that’s the case, then you will be easier to move to rental housing in your city, and not to complicate your life “battle” for the capital.

Moscow is a city which has a lot of different opinions. But if you decide to move to Moscow, the website sympaty.net we can only wish you success!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

When to go to live in Moscow?

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