When to lie: a situation in which the truth will hurt

Lying is bad. Despicable, cowardly and dishonest. We all know perfectly well! And, nevertheless, cheerfully lying at least a dozen times a day, believe me women’s website “ToKnow365.top“! Let’s understand — why we tell lies, why sometimes do not even notice it and when to lie?

Lies, lies and lies

We lie differently. Sometimes painfully, come up with an “alternative version” and almost in front of the mirror rehearsing her disclosure. Sometimes the truth falls from our lips with ease, and we wonder: “Damn, did I say that?!”.

And sometimes to expose yourself the lie we did not have time, not even noting (at least at heart), the fact lies. Why? The thing is – the “purpose” of false information – that is the goal we strive to achieve, the truth.

Thus, the basic types of lies:

  • Household lie. This is the case when you can not see their own insincerity. For example, the question: “Hey, how’s it going?!” in 99% of cases we reply “nothing” or “fine, Thanks.” — although, actually, sometimes things are not so rosy.
    Or one of us will turn the language to say carefully molodyaschihsya old neighbor that to color gray pale lilac paint is irrelevant? The purpose of the household lies is to avoid questioning about the real state of Affairs. I don’t believe that on our planet there is someone who never lied like that.
  • A lie to cover up transgressions. The goal is not to tell about what happened. Tools to tell about what was not, or to significantly change the story about what happened.
  • A lie for the sake of improving their image. The goal is to appear better than it is. Tools — similar. Example – election campaign of all times and peoples.
  • Lie “for the love of art”. This kind of lie mastered the Baron Myunghauzen! And it’s usually wonderful to own children, writing a variety of stories, which, however, sometimes quite difficult to expose. So 5-6 year old kids “lose” and “find” the toy or talk about aliens, newbie night in the bedroom. Among adults such visionaries – a rarity!

This, of course, not a full range of types of lies, but with these varieties we are dealing more often!

10 cases should lie

Female site ToKnow365.top have compiled for You the Top 10 instances when to lie. So:

  • If you ask about income. Such issues all over the world are incorrect, and the perfect response: “Oh, nothing, I have enough, and You must be a penny?”.Let the questioner feel all the awkwardness of the situation!
  • Sometimes you have to lie to parents. After hearing about your trouble, mom and dad can rush to help (not always needed), telling about your mistakes, you’re screwed in this story. If you’re sure you can handle the problem – don’t they care?
  • The presence of you fans are unlikely to please your husband or boyfriend. The appearance on your horizon this character may be one of the cases when it is necessary to lie.
  • And the number of your exes can give, um, a slight correction downwards. At least, if in fact they were more than 6-8, the number may be reduced by half! At least at the initial stage of relations with the current MCH.After all cases when the opportunity to tell the truth, there still abound, in contrast to situations where it is necessary to lie!
  • Adults lie to children ten times more often than each other! It’s inevitable – at some of the realities of life to devote to children is not worth it because of their age. For example, the student does not have to know about fatty Threesome on the geometry, which is emblazoned in the certificate from his mom, and for the preschooler from time to time may be a relevant story about the stork and cabbage!
  • Etiquette dictates not to offend others and tell them the compliments! And if you will ask: “how do I look?!”, passing Flirty glances in the mirror and draping a green shawl over a pink blouse, you have to lie. Do not dare to praise bad taste? Praise the detail of the image, which doesn’t give you the pronounced antipathy!
  • True lies – not to disclose the real state of Affairs severely ill. Even if the predictions of doctors disappointing, it is faith in the essential recovery sometimes works wonders!
  • Sometimes it is necessary to lie when it comes to employment. For example, in the interview, answering the question: “Why did You leave previous job?”, it is undesirable to talk honestly about the fight with reptile-head – better to say: “I was not able to implement all of their ideas”!
  • If you are a student, then lie on the exam – it is almost Holy! The teacher is a young woman? Instead of thoroughly memorize a ticket you can tell a touching story about the final date on which you received an offer of marriage, on the eve of the exam!
  • And, of course, even the most avid whistleblowers worth it to lie right and left, if on the calendar the 1st of April!

  • Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    When to lie: a situation in which the truth will hurt

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